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Jets 23, Dolphins 13 game played in London What's Brit slang for fired? We can also tell a moving car from the static background and predict where the car will be in the next half-second. Here is how it works:. Submit Feedback


Weekly MLB Picks

You need to exploit match-ups and pay attention to hot streaks. DFS is slowly overtaking season long fantasy sports due to the huge amount of money up for grabs and the quick paced nature of the contests. Fantasy Baseball sure has come a long way since when I use to grind out a whole season just to make a few measly hundred bucks.

If you haven't already signed up to one of our top sites it is worth checking out, it is the future of fantasy baseball. It's essentially a condensed version of their regular salary cap game with scoring on steroids, which is where the fun comes in.

Here is how it works:. Much like DraftKings Arcade mode FanDuel has designed their Mixup contests to be fast, fun and more beginner player friendly. These contests are designed around a theme which changes weekly, for example, this week the contests may be National League Players Only or Road Teams Only.

The basic idea is everyone has to draft players based around this theme so the player pools are decreased. Despite the soaring popularity of DFS many of you still enjoy the grind of full season fantasy baseball. Here are the best full season baseball leagues:. Yahoo fantasy baseball allows you to either join an already existing league or create one for yourself and your buddies to manage.

You can create cash leagues or play just for fun. Here are some of the highlights of playing at Yahoo:. If you don't use Yahoo for your full season fantasy baseball league then no doubt you will be heading right to ESPN's league manager. I'm not sure if anyone has used it before but I am interested in trying it out this year. Anyone interested shoot me a message and we can try to figure this out. Originally Posted by dfinn Guys - I'm in if anyone is interested for doing it.

Send me a PM. Dude, i am still looking to get in on Prediction Machine? Quick Navigation Site Promotions Forum. Pujols has been transferred to the day disabled list after undergoing an arthroscopic debridement of his left knee.

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Playing the Percentages in Baseball. Many historical player head shots courtesy of David Davis.