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Bet on the Tar Heels and if they win by three or more points, you win. Take a look at the parlay category: It's not only expert free basketball tips our tipsters offer. COLLEGE BASKETBALL POINT SPREADS EXPLAINED:

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Winning wagers would be paid 95 percent of the gross wagers, leaving 5 percent for administrative costs, fees and profit. The sports leagues would receive a royalty of 0. Two Missouri bills would legalize sports betting in casinos, and one of those would legalize it online.

That bill would also give 1 percent of total wagers to the leagues, which proved a point of contention Wednesday in a Missouri House committee. A third Missouri bill would open the door for sports betting, but set forth little regulatory framework. One bill proposes a 6. Kansas and Missouri are not the only states trying to capture some of the sports betting dollars flowing to Nevada or into illegal gambling, said Rep.

Jan Kessinger, R-Overland Park. More than a dozen states are considering or have passed sports betting bills, according to Legal Sports Report , which tracks legislation nationwide.

They also say any sports betting should be conducted on-site and not online to maximize the benefit to local communities and ensure bettors are of age. Whitney Damron, a lobbyist for Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, told lawmakers they can wait until next year to take action. The proposed integrity fee, he said, would have more than wiped out that profit. John Barker, an Abilene Republican who chairs the committee, cautioned the bill will likely not advance out of the committee this year because lawmakers want to take time to study the issue.

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See the top tipsters here. As you can see above, our top basketball tipsters can all boast some fantastic profits and impressive yield percentages! If you're looking for help and inspiration on your future basketball betting then follow these tipsters, but be sure to take a look at the rest of our bettingexpert community as well.

How successful are you with your own basketball betting? Have you developed a killer basketball betting strategy that can beat our bettingexpert members? Then join our tipster competition today! Sign up for free and start posting your basketball tips, the best and most successful of our tipsters will win a cash prize each month! Below are just a small number of reasons why you should become part of our bettingexpert community:. This is how the point spread works.

The team that is favored is listed with a minus or negative sign and a number, while the underdog is listed with a plus or positive sign and a number. The favorite has points taken away and the dog is given points.

In our game where Duke is visiting North Carolina, the spread would be relatively tight since both clubs are national contenders. If you wager on the Blue Devils and they win outright or lose by less than three points, then you win.

Bet on the Tar Heels and if they win by three or more points, you win. If the spread is a whole number, then the contest could end in a tie and that would result in a push. A push means that all bets are off and all cash is returned to the bettors. Note that the payout on a spread wager is not even money 1: The odds are a bit less than even, standing at 0.

Next, to the right of the point spread, is the moneyline. But often the line is part of the odds listing. This type of bet is quite different from the spread due to the fact that no points are given or taken away and the basketball team that wins outright is the one that pays off. The way the books even the playing field is they charge more for you to wager on the favorite while offering a smaller payout and charge less to bet on the dog while providing a bigger payout.

This moneyline is directly connected to the spread of 2. Below is a list of the corresponding point spreads as they relate to the moneyline, ranging from -2 to As it is with the spread, they may not be expressed as a whole number. Your wager is either on the over or the under.

If the sum of the points scored by both teams is or higher, the over wins and if it is or lower, then the under wins.