Basketball Ball Handling Tips

I came on this website to make me a good point guard. Shooting correctly is not a naturally comfortable movement. Good ball handlers control the ball with their fingertips, no palms. There are innumerable dribbling drills that are in use today that are challenging and effective. Download the Ultimate Guide to College Basketball Recruiting

Ball Handling

Check out these basketball defense drills. You need to practice, train and have the right mindset to achieve your goals. Below are nine things you can do to improve as a basketball player. There is no magic to getting better—it takes time and repetitions. The Secret to Success , states that it takes at least 10, hours of practice to master a skill. Genetics and complexity can accelerate or impair the process. For example, not everyone can dunk, but jumping rope doesn't take 10, hours to master.

The quality of your work is more important than the quantity. This doesn't mean you should put in less time; it means you will benefit more from a few high-quality repetitions than from a lot of sloppy ones. High quality means you execute at game speed, focus on technique and maintain a high level of energy, instead of going through the motions or rushing to finish.

For example, perform a shooting drill instead of shooting around. Low-quality reps can actually hurt your game by reinforcing poor form.

They are simply a waste of time. Many players seem unconcerned about the little things—like form and footwork—but they can make a big difference in your game.

You have to make sure you have a solid foundation, or else the little things will hurt you down the line. Alan Stein, owner of Stronger Team, says, "The work you put in is a brick, and you build your building brick by brick.

Don't slack off when you're tired, and never miss a workout. If you are going to do something, don't do it halfway. Shooting correctly is not a naturally comfortable movement. Learn proper shooting technique. Playing as low as you should defensively and offensively is not comfortable. However, as you push yourself and improve at these things, they will get easier and you will get better.

Players tend to be externally motivated and need a push to practice with intensity. No matter what the drill is, you can bring your own intensity.

For example, you can push yourself to get more repetitions, or execute better without the need of a coach. Always be focused and try your hardest, even if the drill seems boring or slow. Use your finger tips to control the ball, not the palm of your hand. Dribble with your head up. Many of us have a tendency to look at the ball while we are dribbling it, but doing so in a game can hinder your court vision. Practice dribbling with your eyes close.

This will make it easy to dribble the basketball without looking at it. Carry a basketball with you everywhere. Whether you are walking to practice, class, or the cafeteria, the ball should be in your hands. This will help you become more comfortable with the basketball. Practice by dribbling other objects such as tennis balls, racquetballs, and medicine balls. Many people tend to favor one hand over the other, but becoming an ambidextrous dribbler will make you that much better.

Dribble up and down a court or your driveway. Go back and forth several times: