Legal Sports Betting For Illinois Residents

Illinois residents can safely and legally play at any of the offshore online sportsbooks listed below. Bank transfers will deposit money from your personal bank account and normally take business days. These are the most common types of wagers punters make. With action on just about every national and international sport, this betting site is considered the go-to sportsbook for Florida high rollers. Simple Odds Converter

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Bet on some of the biggest cycling events across the world, making the most of some brilliant odds. Make sure to cash in on the bonus and boost the amount you stake. Enjoy even more thrills than normal when it comes to motor racing, wager your hard earned cash on some of the most popular events in the world. Watch your home team play whilst you enjoy some in play betting. Take your pick from a brilliant selection of bets, from winning margins to goals scored in certain minutes.

A club-and-ball sport in which players hit balls into a series of holes on a course. The objective is to finish the course in the fewest possible strokes. Our recommendations may seem a little random but they're actually grounded in a lot of intense research, with all of them being help up against a strict set of criteria:.

Most betting sites in Canada use what are called "moneyline" odds. A point spread is another way for sportsbooks to offer simple bets on who will win even though one team is usually much better than the other. Here are our top tips to max out your sports betting value:. There are all kinds of popular online betting sites Canada gambling fans can get their mittens on. Top websites do their best to hook in players in with promises of big betting bonuses and bigger payouts with every win; some even promise payouts on losses.

Let's face it, if online sports betting Canada residents were only allowed to bet on Canadian leagues, the sites wouldn't be very successful. Thankfully, the biggest and best online betting sites Canadian players can enjoy on the Internet have access to markets for every game in every major league international sport, including:. Casinos account for this by taking points from the favourite and giving them to the underdog to even things up. In simple terms it means that the favourite has to win the game by a certain number of points in order to win the bet.

Because it affects whether you win or lose, the line is really important. Always remember that different sites set different lines. Canada's government-run betting sites like Pro Line, Sports Action and Sports Select, for example, offer worse lines than most independent sports betting sites.

Use our site reviews and rankings to find the best deals and the best odds for the sports you want to bet on. Mobile online sports betting is the real future. Consumers are turning more and more to the small, portable screens of their Android or iPhone, and with cell phones becoming ever more integral to everyday life, this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

The benefits of online gambling on mobile are obvious: As well as being more convenient, mobile gambling on a sports betting app is also making the experience much better. With a smaller screen, mobile sites are cleaner as firms just don't have the space to fill with irritating adverts.

This means you can simply focus on the game - another reason to love mobile gambling! The great news is that with iPhone sports betting or even Android sports betting you don't have to sign up to new sites from scratch.

The rise of mobile sports betting means most, if not all these days, sites that you are already using have a mobile version that will be compatible with any device from smartphone to tablet, from Samsung to Google. Whether its easier to use the app or the mobile online site will depend on the particular casino, but you will usually be allowed to use your existing account to play on mobile.

The look of the site will not have changed much - although there is normally the added bonus of it looking a little simpler and stripped back. Online mobile sports betting in Canada is big business, so many firms are jumping on the online betting bandwagon - which can only be good news for you, the consumer. With firms vying for your custom, the amount of mobile-optimized apps available is immense - and oftentimes the graphics and user experience is much more streamlined on sports betting apps and sites made for mobile than when simply accessing the web version on your desktop.

There is generally no need to worry about which mobile device you are using - whether you are using an iPhone, a Samsung, or even an Amazon Fire Tablet, you will be able to find a mobile sports betting site suitable for you no matter what smartphone you have. Android sports betting tends to be a smoother experience than 'iBetting', if only because most retailers make sure their mobile games are optimized for Android devices, as there are fewer limitations and hoops for them to jump through than with permissions for iPhone devices running iOS.

However, iPhone sports betting users won't be at a disadvantage once you know which mobile gambling sites will work on iPhone. Our dedicated team test out the sites for you and tell you which are the best options and which you would be wise to avoid!

With 32 teams to bet on and 17 weeks of games, the NFL, or National Football League, is one of the most popular and lucrative sports to get involved with, including NFL betting.

Equally as exciting, the Canadian Football League offers a 20 week period for fans of the game to make wagers and win more cash. Football not your thing? Well, why not basketball? If you enjoy the sport and want to make some quick cash, then place your bets and cross your fingers for a big win. The NHL is the best hockey league on the planet - and we Canadians absolutely love the sport. We know you have an eye for predicting the outcome of the sport. Why not make it more interesting and put some real money where your mouth is by betting on some NHL lines?

Get to know the different types of horse racing bets and pick up top tips on how to make the most of Canada online sports betting sites. Discover the best online sites to place your MLB bets at and learn about harnessing the power of placing multiple wagers at the same time.

Super-fast athletic action plus the opportunity to win thousands in CAD? Find out how to bet smart on the NBA here. Check out our guide to understanding NFL spreads and odds and get ready to annihilate your buddies with your NFL wagering know-how. Get a better picture of the NHL odds and learn how to find the biggest sportsbetting bonuses and the safest online gambling sites. Find out how to bet on every punch, knockout and round when you take a read through our detailed guide to betting on boxing.

See how you can bet on the CFL, as well as which online sportsbooks offer the best markets for this exciting and fast-paced league. See how you can enjoy Super Bowl betting in this guide. Learn how to bet online, everything from Wimbledon through to the US Open, when you read our fantastic tennis betting guide. With its high-octane excitement and fast action, UFC is becoming really popular with online gamblers.

In other, more enlightened, countries—like the United Kingdom—sports betting as a business is legal and regulated. We're fans of this approach. The libertarian in us feels like citizens should be allowed to spend their money on whatever they want to, even if that includes wagers on sporting events.

Also, when you're dealing with a licensed and regulated business in the industry, you have certain protections that aren't available when you're dealing with a neighborhood bookie. If you're reminded of the dangers of "bathtub gin" and "moonshine" during Prohibition, then you know what we mean. So why not put the government to work protecting the safety of its citizens? Regulated distilleries and breweries provide a healthy, safe product for consumers to imbibe.

We contend that the sports betting industry would be safer for individual sports bettors if it were entirely legal and regulated throughout the United States. At the same time, we don't think that legalizing and regulating sports betting is going to be high on any legislators' agendas any time in the near future. When you're betting with a bookmaker, they need to make sure that they have an opportunity to break even and make a bit of profit while they're at it.

They can't do that by just taking action willy-nilly. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Cleveland Browns, all of the bookmaker's customers are going to bet on the Cowboys. And most of the time they're going to win.

In order to get action on both sides of a wager, the bookmakers use odds to make both bets attractive. This is often in the form of bets which pay off at a higher amount the less likely they are to win.

We provide an overview of the different odds formats below, or you can read in more detail on the following page. In most sports in the United States, "American odds" or "moneyline odds" are used to make wagers attractive. If the Cowboys are favorites against the Browns, you might see the odds listed as follows:. This makes both wagers attractive. On one hand, you have a better chance of winning if you bet on the Cowboys, but you don't win as much for your money.

On the other hand, you might win fewer bets on the underdog Cleveland , but when you do, it's going to pay off better. Not all countries nor all bookmakers for all bets use this format to represent the odds. These have the same effect, but they're a different way of representing how much you stand to win or lose.

We think decimal odds are more intuitive and easier to understand, and we're not sure why moneyline odds became so popular in the United States. With decimal odds, you're just looking at a multiple of how much you bet. This indicates how much you'll win.

These are the same odds that we used in our first example, they're just represented differently. The betting odds never represent the true odds of one team or another winning. All of these bets pay off at less than the true odds that the handicapper expects.

That's how a bookmaker generates a profit. If a bookie offered bets at the true odds of winning, he'd break even. In that case, he would have spent all the time and effort running his business only to make no money. Few people love sports betting enough to do that. Their goal with these kinds of odds is to get even money on each side. That way they can pay off the winners with the losers' money, keeping the difference as their profit.

You can read more about bookmakers and their methods for making money on the following page. Handicapping sports at such a level is hard, especially considering how sophisticated professional bookmakers have become. But knowing how to achieve a positive return when betting real money on sports is the most profitable advantage gambling opportunity we know of.

It's heads and shoulders above the other possibilities, which include blackjack counting cards , poker expert play , and video poker again, expert play. It's illegal in the United States to run a sports betting business, but some states are exceptions. These include Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. And even in the case of those states, you're not allowed to place wagers on sporting events using any kind of telephone or Internet line.

That's what the Federal Wire Act is all about. Polls seem to indicate that legalization of sports betting in the United States has limited support. Professional sports organizations, especially the NFL, contend that legal wagering would corrupt the integrity of the game. How they come to that conclusion is anybody's guess, as plenty of illegal wagering seems to have left the integrity of the games intact.

In other countries, especially in Europe, sports betting businesses are legal and regulated. As we mentioned earlier, that kind of situation provides a certain amount of protection for the consumer. It's a lot less likely for a licensed, regulated corporation to disappear with their winnings after the Super Bowl than it is for Charlie the local bookie you met through your buddy at the bar in Anytown, USA.

Enforcement activities in the United States are generally restricted to people operating illegal sports betting businesses, but even in those cases, enforcement is pretty lax. Any sport with an uncertain outcome is a sport that someone can place wagers on. The types of wagers vary from sport to sport, and some sports generate more action than others. We've included an overview of the sports which generate the most action throughout the world below, along with a brief explanation of each and how betting on it works.

Baseball is, of course, the national pastime in the United States. We explain how those bets work in the next section. The easiest way to place a bet on basketball is to place a point spread bet, which we explain in the next section. Totals bets and moneyline bets are also common. Boxing has waned in popularity since its glory days.

The most common bet on a boxing match is a moneyline bet on who will win, but prop bets on which round the fight will end in are also common. Since we serve a large number of Americans, we'll explain that cricket is similar to baseball with no intention of offending our international readers who know what the sport is.

The same kinds of bets that are popular for baseball are also popular when betting on cricket. Most Americans don't bet on cricket, but Australians as well as UK and Canadian bettors love to bet on this sport.

Betting on cycling includes betting on such events as the Tour de France. Simple bets on the winner, using fractional or moneyline odds, are the most common. In the United States, darts is often considered a "bar game" in the same way that billiards and shuffleboard are. Wagers among the participants, especially tournaments, are common.

But most Americans aren't placing bets on darts via a sports book, though. Punters in other countries, do, however. These bets focus on 2 professional organizations devoted to the sport:.

This is a relatively new category of sports betting. E-Sports are competitive events held between players in various video games. A wide variety of video games are popular in this category, and many of them are played in a tournament format. The E-Sports available to bet on vary widely depending on which online bookmaker you're using.

In the United States, football is probably the 1 sport to bet on, especially during the Super Bowl. A bewildering variety of bets are available in football, but moneyline bets are as common as any other. Golf, like baseball, seems to be a game that anyone can play, but at the professional level—not so much.

Betting on golf is mostly focused on the professional version of the sport, the PGA. The most common golf bet is the "odds to win" wager, but head to head bets are also common. Futures and group matchups are also common. Handball has its fans in the United States and in other countries, but it's most popular in Germany and Spain. Match betting, handicap betting, total goal betting, and futures are the most common wagers. Hockey, especially the NHL, has been steadily growing in popularity.

And since it's not quite as popular as football or basketball, you can often find lower betting limits and better lines when betting on hockey. The moneyline is the most common bet, but puck line bets and totals are also popular. Horse racing is so different from most other types of sports betting that it's almost considered an entirely different sport. Entire sites, books, and magazines are devoted to getting an edge at horse betting.

These bets are similar to most other bets on races or sports with individual participants, like golf. You won't find many people placing real money bets on rugby in the United States, but it's a hugely popular sport in Europe. The common bets for this game have interesting names, like "supremacy". Futures, season points, first try scorer, outright winner, and match bets are also big. Snooker is another sport like darts which most Americans wouldn't think to bet on, but it's popular in other countries in Europe.

The easiest bets are on who's going to win a match, but there's also handicap betting and market betting. Soccer is as popular in Europe as football is in the United States. In fact, we should ask our European readers to forgive us for not using the word "football" in its more common international meaning—Americans, soccer is called football in most parts of the world.

Moneylines, goal lines, and totals are all popular bets for soccer. The UFC has almost completely overtaken boxing as the most popular sport involving fighting throughout the world, although other MMA organizations do exist. A 2nd half bet is a bet on the outcome of the 2nd half of the game. This bet is commonly made my punters who aren't doing as well during the first half as they had hoped they would.

Futures are similar to investments in the stock market. They're wagers on events that are going to happen at some point in the future.