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Teaching the Technique

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Easy to follow instructions and he never has to tell the players twice. Have always been a big fan of Wayne Smith love the way he gives intruction very informative and all his activities are game orintated just like him heaps the whole site is great.

Great exercise, I use the tackling square drills very frequently for under 16s and progress to 2 v 2 etc full contact. Excellent video… good idea for progression from minimal contact to full. Will try this for sure.

Very Good…the ablity to interact at different levels is higlighted especially with the youner generation. Humour, cheek, excitement, are some examples of how Sir Graham achieves this…. Will definitely use this drill to aid the tackling technique, tracking is all important especially keeping the feet alive!

Great video, been using with our Under 9s for the last two week. They actually cheered on Sunday when I said we were doing it again and more importantly it has really helped their confidence in their first year of contact rugby. Great basic technique, good communication, constant appraisals along with player q and a getting the players involved. Along with 3 basic drills that can be used at all age levels.

I learnt a lot from this video, mostly about coaching the right body position for tracking and tackling. It was disappointing that no full tackle was shown though. I sympathize for not wanting to bring in too much physicality before a game but it would have added a lot. Get full access to all videos in this course and the rest of the video library. Learn with in-depth courses from the best rugby minds in the world, including:.

Learn from the best now. Latest By Instructor Free. This part is for subscribers only! Subscribe now to get access to the full course, and the rest of the library. Start a FREE trial. The best explanation on tracking I have seen,very informative and easy to understand. Un ejercicio muy bien explicado, para poder ponerlo en practica y sacar provecho de el. I am an American football coach. I like the drills shown and learned the hands-in technique.

This will help me lot and like the ideas and the way explain Saminda Silva Sri Lanka. Very instructive, very well made, good presentation. Awesome series, the progression is fantastic and easily digested by coaches and players. Again, stress the importance of keeping the feet moving. Some players will be able to just muscle the ball carrier to the ground, but most will not.

Regardless, the momentum generated by keeping the feet moving makes it much easier to quickly finish the tackle. Once you take the ball carrier all the way down, the tackle is complete. By teaching players the right way to act in contact situations, you can keep the players safe and provide them with the tools to be successful. Remember to go over each of the steps and phases listed here patiently. Make sure the players can demonstrate all the parts of one phase before moving on to the next.

If you have forgotten your password, click here There is a problem with this account, please contact support Please enter email and password. Are you a Rugger? Please enter an email address in the format: Teaching the Rugby Tackle. Developing good tackling technique is one of the most essential rugby skills. This guide explains how to help new players learn to make effective rugby tackles. Rugby Tackle Training Drills It takes many talents to be a good rugby player, but The Effective Rugby Tackle: Contact Most players won't just let you tackle them.

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