Super Bowl 2018: Eagles pull off stunning win over Patriots

Corey Clement return for 25 yards to Phi Patriots Touchdown 33 - However, the Eagles missed the extra point with a bad kick. List of Super Bowl winners

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Jerry Jones knows how big the Cowboys' win against the Giants was even if it was Week 2. Jones knew the Cowboys had to avoid an start. Not any more for Dak Prescott but it was on the line tonight. He's played in two regular season game… twitter.

Old friends still get to line it up! It was overshadowed some by the Broncos' two-minute drive on offense to win the game Sunday -- a victory over the Oakland Raiders -- but outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett's block of a Raiders' extra point in the second quarter turned out to be the difference.

The guys inside, Derek Wolfe, and I think Philly safety Will Parks outside, they got the eyes of the tackle, the tight end and the guard. I swam, and I was free,'' Barrett said. At the time the Raiders' touchdown, with the blocked extra point, had given Oakland a lead at halftime. Broncos quarterback Case Keenum said: It's little plays like that. You never know in this league. The Cowboys offense tailed off after a fast start but the defense was able to limit Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr.

The Cowboys avoided the dreaded start and actually find themselves atop the NFC East standings with a division win. Again the Giants are after they lost to the Dallas Cowboys. Tackled by Beau Allen and Mychal Kendricks. Eagles Touchdown 12 - Kenjon Barner return for 27 yards to Phi Tackled by Stephen Gostkowski. Tackled by Duron Harmon and Elandon Roberts. Patriots End of Half. Tackled by Brandon Graham. Patriots Touchdown 19 - Tackled by Vinny Curry.

Tackled by Jalen Mills and Chris Long. Eagles Touchdown 19 - Kenjon Barner return for 25 yards to Phi Tackled by Johnson Bademosi. Tackled by Malcom Brown and Trey Flowers. Tackled by Malcom Brown. Tackled by Elandon Roberts and Patrick Chung. Tackled by Trey Flowers. Patriots Touchdown 26 - Dion Lewis return for 25 yards to NE Tackled by Najee Goode and Trey Burton. Tackled by Jalen Mills and Vinny Curry.

Holding on Philadelphia Mychal Kendricks 5 yards. Tackled by Vinny Curry and Nigel Bradham. Tackled by Patrick Robinson. Tackled by Eric Rowe and Patrick Chung. Eagles Made Field Goal 26 - Tackled by Marquis Flowers. Patriots Touchdown 33 - Tackled by Beau Allen. Eagles Touchdown 33 - Tackled by Lawrence Guy and Trey Flowers.

Tackled by Malcom Brown and Lawrence Guy. Tackled by David Andrews. Eagles Made Field Goal 33 - Tackled by Lawrence Guy and Jordan Richards.