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You play the wet pitch take legspiner bowler bowling marker fixing the center of the pitch medile stempe and delivery to bowl no speed to get lbw or bowl. Use this only for over-pitched and little short deliveries. Ashish November 8, at 4: The keeper will have no problems catching it. Friday, August 16, Axis Football 2018 Game

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You will have edges carrying to the keeper. Then replace the rubbish players from good teams eg. Australia and then your team will be invicible and all you have to do is autoplay in the four day tournament and watch your team dominate. Induct them to bowl after overs in the first hour of play and bowl just around the leg stump for wrist spinners.

With a Attack 3 field, you can have excellent close in catches taken — Suggested by Kannan Venkatraman. When bowling bowl on around the wicket with a right hand bowler to a right hand batsman and bowl at his feet or a bit infront and swing the ball to off stump as much as you can with max speed and you will get them out every time.

I got 6 wickets off an over. Also if you can bowl a yorker with the specaial deliveries make it a bouncer and it will turn into a yorker and make it max pace and you will take the bails off every ball again. I got 6 wickets doing this in one over. To get this feature you must install an analog game control like a joystick. I bought a joystick and me and my brothers compete everyday against each other. Its easier to bat with the keyboard so we reassign controls after each innings so tht the batting team uses the keyboard.

Always play in New Zealand at Auckland as it is very small ground, you will hit a lot of sixes — Suggested by Amika Kapoor. You are sure he will take the maximum wickets in an innings. Also have a slip fielder throughout the game and any ball pitched on a good lenght spot on or around the off stump will have the slip fielders busy. Play any country in New Zealand on a damp wicket with overcast conditions. I got NZ out for 28 and 24 in two games.

When you want to start a game go to my cricket then game settings. You can throw at the bowlers or keepers end or you can even move the fielders, you can even have a direct hit at the stumps. I suggest you guys to bowl right arm over the wicket to right handers and the other way around to left handers. Chaminda Vaas took all 10 wickets. Bowl from around the wicket to the batsmen. So I suggest you to download latest driver from Manufacturer Website.

Junaid Bro Plz Help me my patch is IPL6 unleashed i followed ur steps but stiil it closed automatically what will i do? Dear, it requires a deep check. I have to install it and check it thoroughly then I can suggest you something, it'll take a week to find the solution for issue. It's because you might have using Patch with EA Cricket In ea cricket when i click quit game it will not quit and hang. By the use of task manager only i had to force stop or else it will not stop.

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