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Right-wing parties aim to form coalition

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He's been in power since December and has fairly decent approval ratings among Italians, but his Democratic Party have been polling poorly. The Democrats are the largest party in Italy's current coalition government and the country's economy has picked up under their stewardship.

One problem, however, is that Gentiloni, despite being PM, isn't the leader of the party. Renzi's premiership ended when he lost a referendum on constitutional reform. The other problem for the Democrats, and the true story of this election, is that, as in other countries in Europe, populist parties are promising to shake up the status quo. Principal among Italy's insurgent parties are the Five Star Movement. Formed in , it's arguably transformed Italian politics.

The country has always been famous for its unpredictable politics - they've had more than 60 governments since the Second World War - but the Five Star Movement has been the catalyst for a new era of surprises; gone are the days when Silvio Berlusconi could win an outright majority, now Italy is government by coalitions and there make-up is increasingly unpredictable.

The Five Star Movement is the [1. Five Star's leader, year-old leader Luigi Di Maio , is [5. Why the long odds? View market Tradefair 06 September Leave a comment. Have the latest Alt-Right insurgents peaked already? View market Paul Krishnamurty 03 September Leave a comment. May vows not to dance to EU's tune and rules out second referendum The Prime Minster says there will be no second referendum and no compromises on the Chequers plan. View market Max Liu 02 September Leave a comment.

Trump accuses Google of being 'rigged' President Trump says Google has chosen to ignore his two State of the Union addresses.

View market Tradefair 30 August Leave a comment. The next big political outsider - Avenatti for President Donald Trump's victory proved non-politicians can win the presidency and Paul Krishnamurty says its highly plausible he could be taken down in by the ch View market Paul Krishnamurty 28 August Leave a comment.

Government set for frantic autumn of Brexit negotiations The big drama was on the other side of the Atlantic this week but, with Brexit negotiations about to enter a new and vital stage, there's plenty happening in View market Max Liu 26 August Leave a comment. Cohen guilty plea adds further pressure for Trump A guilty plea by the President's former Lawyer Michael Cohen could land Donald Trump in increasingly hot water in the weeks to come.

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