UFC 3 Tips and Tricks

Compete in online or offline competitions to progress your fighters and earn coins that open packs which deliver special items used to sculpt your team into the most explosive in the UFC. Going for the body while head is hurt is a good choice in my opinion. Finally, ducking forward with the right stick gives you some protection from a body shot, as it compresses your body and gets your elbows in the way. No x user is lag switching, cheating, etc posts. UFC 2 is too sterile, too rigid, and too predictable to ever feel like a genuine representation of a sport that has built a dedicated audience thanks in large part to the reality that anything can happen at any moment. It's time to get in the ring, but before you do arm yourself with these UFC 3 tips

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Of course assuming that you will be able to close the distance enough. Going for the clinch is a efficient option too. Always pick the highest ranked fighter in your division, or your CAF with stats at , especially if your opponent is stupid enough to pick a fighter who is sub I like the option of giving a fist bump at the start of the fight or a new round to show respect.

It's not necessary but it doesn't take away from the game for me. Your take down attempt would be stuffed then I would rotate to back side control and proceed to smash your fucking face into hamburger meat.

That puts you at a disadvantage in points from the start of the match, it is more logical to spam the block buttons instead to stop the touch glove animation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. No "judges stole my fight" threads Stats don't always tell the story, and decisions in MMA are tricky.

So as they say, don't leave it to the judges. Be nice to others Self-explanatory, we will have differences but no need to flame. If you have any questions about the game please use this search function and make sure the answer isn't already waiting for you 5. No posting raw unedited game footage Highlight videos, gifs, and tutorials are highly encouraged 6.

No x user is lag switching, cheating, etc posts. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. TIP 1 This is a great trick, the fabled fake-touch. TIP 2 Block high at all times. TIP 4 Wobble-smash Now, if you have used all the above tips you should have your opponent in what us professionals call ' Wobble Mode '.

Welcomingly, when the fight hits the mat a small icon appears indicating which position each stick movement will seek to secure. This takes away the boorish memorisation that was needed in the past and allows you to concentrate solely on outwitting your opponent and manipulating their body in such a way as to make defence difficult. However, while the mechanics are well thought out in isolation, the end result is simply too strict and controlled to allow free-flowing combat.

In reality, the best ground fighters move seamlessly, and often unpredictably, in an attempt to catch their opposite number off guard. The likes of Chris Weidman and Fabricio Werdum are, in reality, able to interlock a number of skills into a single motion that leaves both spectator and opponent confused - that doesn't happen here.

Once the best sequence of position changes has been found with a specific fighting style it becomes a matter of repeating that consistently in order to notch up victory after victory against the AI. Game modes perfectly reflect this predictability; the usual slate of career mode, quick fights and online ladders standing front and centre. Career mode is especially underwhelming, as you must undertake simple training mini-games in a bid to improve your fighter and win matches to move towards a title shot.

It's entirely perfunctory, nothing more. Here you can create a team of up to five custom-built fighters and compete with them, online or off, with a view to winning fights and collecting points that can be redeemed for packs of cards. These cards unlock new attacks, fighting styles and stat boosts of varying levels of impact, which means that in comparison to Ultimate Team as seen in FIFA and Madden, the implementation here is underwhelming.

There's little wrong with the underlying concept of adding a slight random element to career progression through not knowing what a pack might hold, but spending points to acquire a new type of punch is less exciting than ripping open a pack to find a playable Odell Beckham Jr. That is UFC 2's problem throughout: The stand-up game might be technically brilliant, and the visuals genuinely eye catching, but it never lets itself go and allows its fists to fly.

Everything is too structured, too robotic and, after 20 or 30 bouts, too predictable to tease you into suspending your disbelief and making you feel as though you're a UFC competitor.

Ultimately, then, this is perhaps the best example yet of how difficult it is to simulate certain real-world activities within a video game. If UFC 2 really did try to 'be' the UFC then it would fail in terms a balanced fighting experience, so you could argue that it's simulation attempt is doomed from the start. That's not to say that actual UFC fights are random in their outcome, but there certainly does exist a constant potential for surprise within them.

Simultaneous two-fighter interaction brings the ground game to life with greater responsiveness and variety. Codes will be emailed to customers on release date. Codes will be included in packaging. Internet connection and EA Account required. So until they are discovered, we made the handy EA Sports UFC 2 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game! He is the founder and editor of Video Games Blogger.

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