NHL Betting Explained

For those of you that like to bet ice hockey, you should be all too familiar with the NHL. Parlays are essentially a combination of two or more bets into one, such as three teams winning their respective matches. Understanding NFL betting lines is just the first step towards making profits with football wagering. The NHL is a fast-paced sport, complete with a ton of action and wild entertainment. Teaser bets are the exact opposite, int hat you can adjust the spread to be more favorable, thus lowering your payout but increasing your chances of winning. Understanding American Odds

How Betting Odds Work: Fractions vs decimals

Sports Betting Odds 101

The next main difference between decimal and fractional odds is the fact fractional odds only calculate winnings and do not show the returned stake. This is when odds are displayed as a fraction.

Alternatively, betting odds can also be viewed in terms of decimals instead of fractions. Although some people find decimals an easier way to view the equation, it is really a personal preference. The equation to determine betting odd probabilities with decimals is: This form of betting is straight forward, you simply bet on which team will win outright.

These are displayed in either a positive or negative form. Here is an example:. The puck line wager is one where the sports-books try to level things up by either taking goals off the favorite, or adding goals on to the underdog.

In general the puck line is set at one and a half goals. A totals bet is where you are trying to predict whether the total amount of goals in the game is higher or lower than the line set by the odds-makers. The total relates to the amount of goals for both teams combined. Here the sportsbook have estimated that the number of goals in the game will on average be 8. On occasions, the totals number will be a whole number, which means that there will be times when exactly that number will be hit.

However you can place a bet for any stake, and you will be paid on a pro rata basis. In fact, you should have a good understanding of the matter just by looking at the following information on how NFL betting lines work. Above, you can see several numbers to the right of both teams. These all represent the different lines that are available on the San Francisco vs. We'll explain each of these lines more in-depth below. Because most NFL games are mismatches, bookmakers use a point spread to balance out betting action on the two sides.

Otherwise, everybody would just wager on the favorites to win, and bookies would be left to cover the difference. So in the case of the 49ers vs. Rams, San Francisco is the favorite at