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By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: What does this mean when it's already past 15 business days and shortly? Bovada, however, hasn't seen an increase on bets of whether Trump will resign during his first term. Analysis Ranking the Pac schedules, and why UW got screwed again. Entertainment

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You may either fax or scan and email this information over to us for verification purposes. The available number for faxing is 1 Needless to say I've sent them everything they have asked for and I still haven't gotten paid. The lastest story is that the trace on the wire shows it was successful.

However, they won't supply me with documentation supporting this or even give me all the details that my bank said they needed to do a trace on there end. Last edited by SBR Lou; at GL on ur payout , hope u git it soon.

And to be honest I can't believe it. When they were Bodog I got numerous cashout with no problems. Jdunn, Thanks for sharing. Sometimes processing issues occur; it sucks, but from what it sounds like, a trace was put on already. We'll help confirm where the process is, if you will take the time to submit this form. If there are all these slow pay problems how is this book still rated A here at SBR? Originally Posted by nikossf. Do you know how many players they have?

Google the model of your laptop and see if more bad or good reviews come up on search engine results for posting forums. The overwhelming majority of users want to blog about a problem, not leave a favorable review. Originally Posted by helpplease. I'm going through the same problems They have sent in crowd control to calm me down Approved March 28th April 26 Thats 19 business days 21 one excluding their holiday bullcrap I will never use Bovada again All the agents do is lie and say they can't help you and just be patient Don't get me started on the supervisors Nicole and Abigail tell you the same crap over and over Thanks alot Bovada for make people Late on their Mortgage Should have never betted, let alone betted with you guys Last edited by jlwhite3; at This post was nominated 2 times.

To view the nominated thread please click here. Prick is a good fit Sorry that I trusted bovada was my point darrell But yes I agree, I made a mistake.. They will not pay you. There have been quite a few complaints lately. There's a big difference between a no pay and a slow pay. A month isn't a no pay. Originally Posted by jdunn. Originally Posted by Kindred. Hey Guys, We know it's frustrating waiting for these payouts, and we appreciate your patience. You've probably already heard it, but 15 business days is an approximate time frame and sometimes that may fluctuate.

If you have any questions or would like an update on your payout, please don't hesitate to contact Bovada Customer Service at We put an outsider in the office. What a difference nine insane months makes. Gambling site Bovada, meanwhile, has wagers on Trump's likelihood of resigning before his first term , before the end of this year, , , or into a second term.

The biggest payout is for a Trump resignation by the end of Bovada, however, hasn't seen an increase on bets of whether Trump will resign during his first term. He said 15 percent of all bets on the possibility were placed at the beginning of August. Those odds are falling everyday, meaning he's favored to resign. Of course, if Trump decides not to resign, there's the possibility of impeachment. Paddy Power's spokesperson said the price of Trump's impeachment has been most interesting.

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