The victory for Haley has already secured the 24 team a spot in the Round of 6 and perhaps another driver will secure their advancement at the end of miles tomorrow night. Luckily the Chase field of 12 is pretty much locked in based on points unless we have a huge surprise winner from deep in the field. If you keep your extremities warm the rest of you will be warm. No stopping to have them dig everything out or having to repack when they are finished.

However, I will always refer to this race as the Brickyard because of its prestigious history. As we prepare for the first on-track activity of the weekend, we take this time to provide our best opinions on how things will unfold with our Big Machine Vodka at the Brickyard race picks! The green flag is scheduled to wave at 3: In the event we do find a way to start racing today or later, we wanted to go ahead and take this time to provide our Lilly Diabetes race picks! Follow nascarwagers Tweets from https: All picks are for entertainment purposes only.

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South Point Race Info: DC Solar Race Info: World of Westgate Race Info: This set-up works great for me and I keep that very old, soft vinyl backpack stuffed in one of those small cases as an emergency holder if I need it. To get through security I just unclip the fannypack and put it on the table. I also do a mapquest of the closest Walmart to where I'm staying and the closest Walmart to the racetrack.

I have used this at every race. You can eat and sleep at Walmart. I usually drop off my film and pick it up the next day. No stopping to have them dig everything out or having to repack when they are finished. Don't take your good camera to the track. I can't tell you how many times the person behind me or the person coming down the row to find their seat has nuked my camera with their beer!

I usually put anything that is weather or moisture-sensitive scanner, headphones, camera, etc. That way if the weather turns bad or the people behind you empty their cooler on your backpack, those things are protected.

When it is back to school season, go to your local discount store and get a clear plastic backpack the schools here require them so they are everywhere. They are much easier to carry and sturdier than the plastic souvenir bags that the tracks let you bring in! They usually have one or two front zipper sections, too, for your wipes, suntan lotion, etc.

These are a lot cheaper than the clear bags, purses and packs sold at the tracks. Race prep is a snap that way! Use a small soft-sided cooler with a shoulder strap instead of carrying your purse. I carry my wallet in mine with the race tickets, small set of binoculars and Tylenol, among other things.

Those little coolers are handy and they do well in the stands, as they are easy to tuck under your seat. If need be, you can stick it in your pocket while shopping.

Another handy way to carry money—I found a small waterproof container on a lanyard in a catalog. The container is about the size of pack of cigarettes but not quite as thick and latches shut. I fold a few bills and tuck them in it. It will hold a credit card also. I hang that around my neck along with a credentials holder containing my ticket when I get ready to walk to the track.

Also handy to hang around your neck when ducking out during cautions, etc. Take a travel pack of Clorox wipes to sanitize the porta pottie seat before using.

God only knows who had what before you! Also take baby wipes to use for They are inexpensive and can cover you and 3 friends during long delays. At the Bristol Busch race it even helped keep us warm during the snow delay! Travel sizes of everything are lighter and easier to carry and keep track of. They are relatively cheap and don't need to be unpacked.

My husband says "Let's go racing", I can be in the car, with everything to attend a race, including seat cushions, scanners, headsets, sun gear, clothes, etc. Just buy those little travel sizes and re-charge the scanner batteries first thing when you get home and BINGO! No stressing out, no lists to check and you're ready to go. You can make their job much easier with a simple idea that they are trying to get everyone to adopt: If you add an entry in the contacts list in your cell phone under ICE, with the name and phone no.

It only takes a few moments of your time to do. Paramedics know what ICE means and they look for it immediately. Small pieces of debris can fly up from the track. Sitting on my computer right now is a pea size piece of tire debris that flew up and hit my sunglasses at Darlington in Row 15! Put it in a pony tail if it will go and put on a hat!!!!!! I use a straw hat in the summer because it's not as hot as a ball cap. I know, you will get hat hair BUT it keeps the sun off of you when it's hot.

When it's cold it keeps your body heat in. I can not tell you how many times my period came early due to the amount of walking we've done at the track. Your muscles will be sore from all the walking. Right before the race and during caution periods, the lines for the concession line are long. Also, everyone stands up to see where the wreck is and you can bolt down the row on the seats. I never wait to get into a stall. When I come out though the line is forming out the door.

I get back to my seat in time to see the pit stops which is more important in the scheme of things. The commentators will tell you who got caught up in the wreck. I also have gone back to the one past my seats the other way and the same thing happened.

I don't know what it is but this tip works. I can not tell you how many times at the "Crown Jewel Tracks" that they have ran out of toilet paper. It will be easier for you to understand what is going on if you have one of those 2 items. You will enjoy yourself a whole lot better if you know what's going on because there is so much that goes on that you don't see on TV. DO NOT depend on the male that brought you to tell you what is going on.

Also, bring a pair of ear plugs. If you are down low the noise can bother some people. We were 8 girls that went to the July Louden race in NH last year. We got there really early and set up out tailgate gear. We had a few drinks and then when for a walk to shop and find our seats. We then returned to our van, had lunch packed our stuff for the race and returned to our seat that we already knew where they were.

We didn't get caught with a bunch of souvenirs at our seats and we got to change into our new race gear that we bought. This worked out perfect! I would recommend to any female race fan to go to a race with out guys at least once.

It was the best time and we are going again this July for the whole weekend. Jimmy and I have the scanner's with the attachment where you can talk to each other When we go to the vendors, we take one of those 2 wheeled shopping carts that grandmothers use to go to the store.

We put bigger wheels on it for traction in the dirt! Or we take a kids wagon. Shop towels the heavy paper ones are great to take also.

Tear several off a roll, fold and put in a zip-loc bag. Great for wiping the seats off if it rains or if something is spilled. They can be wrung out and used over and over. All about Clothes and a List. I do wear a white T-Shirt that is real big I have seen so many poor uninformed females in full makeup, hair done and in cute white shorts set!

The big white shirts can be a bit revealing in the bright sun. I either have a tee shirt underneath and can take off the big white shirt if I get warm or a cotton camisole is great. If you do slop something on the shirt, it's easy to bleach when you get home.

By the way, remember the Shout Wipes too. It's light and easy to carry. If the rains come you will be so glad. I took the same ponchos to each race for about 5 years before I finally needed them and boy was I glad!

Also, a poncho works great if you forgot your coat and it gets cold. If your rain poncho allows it, keep your ball cap on when you pull up the hood.