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This victory by the Red Sox forced a Game 6. The ability to placed bets on a mobile device is terrific. It also allowed the disadvantaged teams the unusual luxury of starting a series at home, possibly having home field advantage in a three-game series, and a guarantee that they play the maximum number of games possible at home 2. The strong play of the Yankees, and the relatively easy path of Cleveland, forces us to consider what is fair. Millar moved to third on a passed ball before scoring on Trot Nixon 's single. 2. 2000 New York Mets

MLB Playoffs: Projected Championship Games

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Astros win the World Series. The Astros are the World Series champions, and part of the credit has to go to manager A. Hinch, who made a decision early in the game that has essentially never happened in World Series history.

It's been a long season for Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who lost his father in March before guiding Los Angeles to a Major League-best victories in the regular season before pushing the Astros to seven games before falling in Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday. Carlos Beltran stood next to the makeshift stage on the field at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday night after the Astros' win in Game 7, seemingly stunned that he had just taken part in something he had waited his entire career to take part in: Who doesn't love a parade?

Certainly not fans of the Astros, who will gather on the streets in downtown Houston this afternoon for what figures to be one of the biggest parades in the city's history to celebrate the World Series champions.

All would have been forgiven and forgotten for Yu Darvish had his Game 7 start been everything that his Game 3 one wasn't. But a chance at redemption instead morphed into a repeat performance that left the Dodgers to wonder how their best-laid plans had all gone so wrong.

Astros presented with WS trophy. Springer earns MVP honors. The Astros defeated the Dodgers, , on Wednesday night in Game 7 to win their first World Series championship in franchise history. However, circumstances didn't offer Roberts the luxury of holding either back until the end. Instead, their stingy relief work, while it did prevent the Astros from adding to their early five-run lead, finished mostly as a footnote in a loss that left the Dodgers a victory short of a World Series championship.

Hinch was asked what he expected from his starter, Lance McCullers Jr. City's post-Harvey strength carried Astros to title At one point, Astros outfielder George Springer thought Hurricane Harvey might have destroyed his home. Dodgers motivated by loss They won more games than any team this season, but the Dodgers couldn't win the one they wanted to win the most -- the first World Series Game 7 in Dodger Stadium history.

Wheeler R , 3. Arrieta R , 3. Keller R , 3. Musgrove R , 3. Moya L , 4. Zimmermann R , 4. Fedde R , 5. Richards R , 4. Louis at Atlanta, 7: Mikolas R , 2. Foltynewicz R , 2. DeSclafani R , 4. Miley L , 2. Glasnow R , 4. Playoff Pct and its expected win percentage. Then we use the binomial probability mass function to figure out the odds of winning a five-game series.

We multiply the Adjusted Playoff Percentage by that to figure the odds of advancing to the Championship Series round, and then start the process all over again except we use the probability mass function for a seven-game series this time. Then we repeat the process one more time to get the odds of winning the World Series. The astute among you may notice that these odds will be uniformly lower than the odds of winning the World Series given out by sportsbooks.

This is not because we hate your team, but because sportsbooks include something called the vigorish. When adding up the implied probabilities from one sportsbook, the total came out to nearly percent. Because of a pernicious reality-based bias we have, our World Series odds instead add up to percent. You can view the Playoff Odds Report through this link and also from the dropdown list accessible by mousing over the "Standings" button on the navbar at the top of any BP page.

We will continue to update the odds up until the start of the season as well as daily during the season , as the Depth Charts continue to be updated to reflect roster moves and the like. But for now, we hope that you find these useful, and that the new additions help to further illuminate the playoff races in the early going.

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