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After graduation, Denise returned back to the family business, or, as she called it, "a small chain of pretty rubbish betting shops. Most Read Most Recent. Stoke City Entrepreneurs Technology sector Gambling news. It means that there are a lot of people are not getting any help at all. Denise Coates - The Early Years

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This development has enabled Bet to deliver a continuous stream of real-time information whilst simultaneously receiving and processing large amounts of incoming customer data.

Bet's live-betting system supports a 'cash out' feature, which permits users to take a price for a specific bet before it completes. The result is that a profit can be guaranteed, or a loss minimized prior to the completion of that in-play event. This was enhanced in March with the ability to apply specific rules to allow the cash out feature to work automatically. Bet currently provides a live-streaming service for their customers, broadcasting over , live sporting events each year.

Bet was one of the first bookmaker to start offering esports to bet on. Bet offers an online affiliate programme where webmasters and marketing persons have the ability to earn commissions on the players they refer to Bet The online affiliate program allows affiliates to earn commissions as a set percent which is in line with other affiliate programs on online bingo , sports betting , online poker and online casinos.

Peter Coates, director of Bet and a lifelong supporter of the British Labour Party , has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the party. One particularly large donation coincided with the relaxation of gambling legislation and the lifting of a ban on television advertising by the Labour government.

In October , The Guardian newspaper reported that the company had been taking bets from Chinese citizens by using obscure domain names in order to avoid government web censorship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links , and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Retrieved 23 July Retrieved August 20, Retrieved 2 July Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 22 August Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 24 May Retrieved 31 July Archived from the original on 6 April Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 18 December Retrieved July 5, Retrieved 10 September Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 29 November Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 2 February Retrieved 7 May Retrieved 11 September This lasted until he was old enough to enter the military, at which point he joined the Parachute Regiment to fulfill his obligations under the National Service Act.

After leaving the military, he took a job with the Wimpy restaurant chain, eventually rising to the position of regional manager. He also signed on with Stoke City F. He would continue to play for non-league teams such as Kidsgrove Athletic and the Goldenhill Wanderers, although he gave up football entirely before the age of Using his restaurant background as a springboard, Coates founded Stadia Catering.

Their specialty was catering events on football grounds, and they would eventually merge with competitor Lindley Catering. Thanks to an overall increase in personal revenue, Coates next bought a chain of betting shops that he dubbed Provincial Racing. He started the Signal 1 radio station in , and by he was the majority shareholder of Stoke City F. Somewhere in the middle of all this, he found time to marry his wife, Deirdre, and have four children. The eldest daughter was given the name Denise, and it's now time to shift to the events of her life.

Denise Coates came into this world on September 26th, She was born; she grew up. There's no evidence that anything exceptional happened during those early years. If it did, then Denise has been thoroughly unwilling to share it with the public. As her teenage years were drawing to a close, Denise enrolled at the University of Sheffield. While settling into college life, she also took a job with the family business, marking up bets in the cashier's department of Provincial Racing.

During this period, she met Richard Smith, the man who would later become her husband. Time passed, and within a few years Denise had received a degree in econometrics. For those, like me, who are unfamiliar with such a field of study, our pal Google defines it as. After graduation, Denise returned back to the family business, or, as she called it, "a small chain of pretty rubbish betting shops. She would later admit that the choice was helpful, although she hated the dry nature of bookkeeping.

Impressed with her skills and work ethic, her father eventually offered her the opportunity to run Provincial Racing. She eagerly accepted, even though the chain had been struggling in recent years, and became Managing Director in Under her direction, the poor fortunes of Provincial were soon reversed. Not content to remain static, she secured a significant loan from Barclays bank and added a neighboring chain of betting parlors to her family's now-growing empire.

Fortunately, her gender was never an impediment in the male-dominated world of UK sports betting. In one interview, Coates remarked,. It didn't cross my mind. I probably had a few [meetings] at first where I had to put somebody right - but I knew my business, so it wasn't a problem. I just wanted to get on with making my business successful. I've never dwelled on the fact, or thought about the fact that I was a woman. Sometime near the turn of the century, Denise Coates began to suspect that the Internet was the wave of the future for sports betting.

A number of websites already existed for those interested in placing virtual wagers, but the entire industry was in its early stages of development. Sensing an opportunity to be on the front lines of something huge, and to grow the family business exponentially, Denise decided to go all in.

Her first move was to approach her brother, John Coates, and convince him to get involved. It took a bit of prodding, as he had studied law and was working as an attorney, but her enthusiasm and commitment eventually won him over. Denise Coates bought the Bet She first approached a number of venture capitalists in London, but she walked away from those meetings without a single investor. Undeterred, she turned to her father, other family members, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

We were the ultimate gamblers, if you like. Things were hectic in the early phases, but she never wavered in her devotion. When you're not here [in the office], you take calls in the middle of the night, regularly - that's how the early days were. I've worked harder than you can possibly imagine. In the last couple of years, life has normalized Early on, Denise realized that Bet would need to take bold steps to stand out from its already established online competitors.

In order to do this, she took the following steps:. By , the company's success had become assured.