If there is anywhere else I should post, please let me know. Here are some of their offers: This has been happening for 5 years and all they tell me is send a screenshot and we will rectify the problem. This section is far smaller than their sportsbook. You are also always going to find a very large and diverse range of poker game variants on offer and as such we think you are going to want to play here more and more if you love playing poker online. What BetOnline Poker players say about it..

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Is BetOnline Safe?

Live Support is the worst thing this site has going for them in my opinion because over half the people I have talked to when contacting them have been a little rude, would try to divert the conversation and ignore the point I was trying to make and the majority of them have just ended the chat because they didn't like me re-trying to explain what they didn't understand. I had a very long conversation with Live Support just two days ago and near the END of the conversation they said they couldn't pass along my message to upper management without my Username.

I am definitely never going to make another deposit on this site strictly because of the way Live Support has treated me. Billy 22 Feb Horrible customer service with no real explanations. They admit they were wrong about a bet slip description and instead of making it right they take your money and stop responding to you.

I made a money line bet on the hockey game last night and they claimed it was a 3 way bet but there was no mention of it on my slip or in the description of the bet. Like crooks they took my money and ran with it. Crooks every part of it. Trust these comments and stay away, they pick and choose who wins. Try bovada at least you win there, cause here you not winning enough to ever cash out. I played here for awhile before I said something has to be up, how do I lose non stop, Casino and poker.

I saw a video shortly after of them cheating as well, that you can see online on YouTube. But trust me and take it from me they cheat and are ripoffs.

Obviously the reviews and how they are on top is also a scam. Trust me and stay far away or you will lose always and when you ask the customer service for anything your bonus that they offer, your money they overcharge you on deposits for is awful as well, I mean with everything, to over charging you on deposits and giving you the runaround about everything.

But what do you expect from online gambling? Either by phone or chat. Bryan 30 Nov Absolute farce, favoritism and scam I will say the only good thing with them is the fact that with tournaments they will knock out players if not played a certain amount of hands.

It is a fight to cash out and the required info sets you up for identity theft by supplying info that shouldn't be requested for verification. If I paid by credit card months ago and the charge was allowed then there should be further verification such as picture of the front and back of my card, drivers licences or copy of utility bill.

This is how ones identity is stolen. Stay away from their "freeplay" it is not free and they will hold your winnings from your real money hostage. I would have kept betting but it just becomes a fight to get money. Do not trust these con-men. Robert N Kroker 28 Sep This betonline.. I'm very good at currency option bets for many reasons, having won 8 out of 10 my next 2 wins were booked as loser's. I was so pissed about the first I screen recorded the second and provided as evidence.

These people are low level scammers. I'm glad I tried them out with small money. The back of your credit card has the 3 digit code that you are NEVER supposed to share in this manner. I dislike PokerStars since Amaya but at least I will get my cash out without any hassle.

Still trying to find a legit site to play GIN or other skill games Justin 10 Jul very poor customer service no one ever knows anything in this company other than knowing how to steal your money and account information Reply. Justin 10 Jul This site has stole over k from my account and they are refusing to give my money back nor tell me where the money went.

They shut down my account per management for no reason. And has given me no information towards my account. I won over k playing at this casino and before i was able to take money out betonline. Jim 27 May This site is a scam. They rarely bust and always bust you. John first Collins 27 May I've been playing for hours now.

This casino is amazingly fun for being online. I really enjoy the double language, since I grew up bilingual. My Spanish isn't on point, however I have a th grade education in Spanish; for me its perfect.

I know most word that are used to figure out the really hard ones they say. The dealers are super nice, the players seem to be having a good time and the boss was perfect. The online staff are responsive to online chats. This was the first online casino I've tried and after hours of gameplay I am sticking with BetOnline. Sean 25 May Anyone else seeing a problem with their favorite hand winning percentage? I've seen a few others seeing similar.

If I was the only one I'd tell myself shut up and deal with the variance but hard for me to believe that a favorite hand win rate is half what it should and others who have collected tons more data than me see same. Won't say rigged but their rng needs fixing Reply. Eric Almly 21 May They refused to pay me out after winning a sports bet. I requested the payout on Friday which is the day they tell you that you can request a free payout. The first thing they told me was that my profile address did not match with the delivery address for the check which was a lie.

I emailed them my utility bill. Then they told me I was going to have to wait another week and start the process again. I followed all of their terms when requesting a pay out and they refused to send me my check.

These people are flat out scammers when it comes to paying out and try to run a game on you. Al 7 May Super shitty bad beats. Constant runner runner to beat dominant hands. Like you catch two pair on the turn, but river seta them up with a flush. Pocket aces gets outflopped by 6 8 offsuit and shit alot. Their payout system is nothing but a hassle. There rng seems to have many flaws as the beats are insane. There player based seems to be the same people every 24 hours you will see the same people on.

It's like they don't sleep ever and the always seem to be in the money I'm going back to bovada yes it's higher buy in but it's more realistic for poker players on bovada. Mainly poker but a little casino and sports betting too. Sure the software could be better but it works, and only crashed once over 3 months of playing daily. Customer service has been good for me although I haven't had any big problems to solve.

Not a large poker player pool so buy-ins are very low. Lance 7 Apr Try playing in the skills room and playing Gin Rummy the cards stick and don't let you discard them in which you have to forfeit game. This has been happening for 5 years and all they tell me is send a screenshot and we will rectify the problem. All the time this happens and after 5 years they still play stupid and act surprised very shady software. We are in the 20th century you Fuckers.

The games are completely rigged and unrealistic. It's almost laughable if it wasn't criminal! M 23 Mar Reply: Kurt 8 Mar Bet Online is a joke. After taking a break for almost a year, I come back and my account balance had been wiped clean. Stay away from these scam artists. Took me forever to set up my account and add money! Then when i joined and made my first deposit to play slots it took them almost 24 hours to add my Bonus not to mention i had to email customer service 4 times and call them them 6 times!

What kind of response did i get? Well finally are requesting a supervisor who mind you NEVER came to the phone they added my Bonus the next day App 24 hrs after signing up!!

Please email and pass the message on all gambling sites, my goal is to post this daily for all the bull shit this site put me through!!! Wagner 19 Feb If you are dumb enough to keep playing on betonline, you kinda deserve to be scammed. Your21brotha 21 Feb Reply: Joey 20 Feb Reply: Where do you play or suggest? This means most people would just be putting the balance amount down time after time just to get to that amount, and then of course they will lose it on one of those.

Rao 2 Feb Hello this is my first time posting in this forum. I'm posting because I am very concerned. I got into NBA betting this year and deposited around 10k into this site bet online. I made some big sports bets and also played their live casino didn't plan to.. Along with Upswingpoker, I tend to treat you as the most invaluable up-to-date poker source ever. The strategies helped a lot along with the up to date "real deal" reviews on the poker sites and the news around the world.

You are spot on regarding the reviews of the two main sites I play on: Honestly I'm new to online poker as opposed to home games. BTF has more or less given me the confidence to jump into online poker as a U. The reviews of online poker sites, in particular for U. The reviews are great. I love the site reviews, freerolls, and the Bitcoin tutorial. They are very in depth. I will always be in charge of reviewing poker sites my own way and I will rank them the best way I see fit.

Combined with the closure of many of my former best-rated sites the current list stands at under a dozen poker sites, but I believe that these are the best in the real money market, each for different reasons. I hope that you find something useful in my poker site coverage that helps you be more informed about your current online poker home or a prospective new one. At the very least, know that my poker coverage comes from the honest experiences from a fellow poker player.

These might be the most detailed reviews out there. A lot of effort clearly went into making these, really appreciate it! Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

The Best Poker Site Reviews for I personally review every poker site. Poker Site Reviews I've Done in Quick hits from my Bovada Poker review. My highest overall rating. Play at Bovada Poker Now. On the busiest poker site network in the USA market Real money payouts in as little as 6 hours with Bitcoin One of the only mobile real money clients in the US Some of the loosest cash games online. Quick hits from my Ignition Poker review.

Play at Ignition Poker Now. Quick hits from my BetOnline Poker review. Play at BetOnline Poker Now. Quick hits from my America's Cardroom review. Play at America's Cardroom Now. Same poker site network, same benefits as BetOnline Lowest credit card decline rate in US Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies New real money mobile poker software.

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Quick hits from my Black Chip Poker review. Play at Black Chip Poker Now. Every poker table and tournament works well on mobile Real money poker with all buy-ins in Bitcoin Anonymous accounts with no ID ever needed Bitcoin payouts within hours. Quick hits from my Nitrogen Poker review. Play at Nitrogen Poker Now. How I rate the best online poker sites.

Fish Rating and the Easiest Poker Sites. Payout Speed and Options. Software and Instant Play. Biased Online Poker Review Tartar. What I always answer about poker sites I review. How stable is the poker site's long-term outlook? How easy is the deposit process especially for US players? What is the current and historical delay time for player payouts?

How soft are the real money cash games? Is there enough online poker player traffic? Is the poker site's tournament schedule strong? How easy is it to actually earn the promoted bonus money? How much help is the poker site if I have a problem? Love your poker site reviews But don't let the sheer number of available titles fool you — there is nothing to really write home about in terms of BetOnline's video poker lineup.

You might wonder how hard it can be to mess up a simple game of video poker — after all, the game you play in the casino is pretty much the same game you play on your computer, on a slightly different screen. But these Betsoft versions look out of date, with boring effects and dull graphics that give me the impression of a roadside casino on the way out of Vegas. You'll be sure to turn the chintzy sound effects off right away.

Sure, variety is a good thing, but BetOnline should look into hosting some new video poker games if they want to attract machine gambling fans. BetOnline poker is probably the largest site that still accepts US players. That said, they are nowhere near the top ten in terms of poker room traffic, and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon.

The most ring game action you'll find at BetOnline is micro-stakes No Limit Holdem during peak times. Take note that this bonus releases in five increments. Remaining unclaimed bonus money expires after that time.

You can contact BetOnline's customer service at their toll-free number: Customer service is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. I had a three-minute conversation with someone for the purpose of this review, asking a menial question about a slot game, and the answer was exactly what I needed.

I didn't have to wait on hold at all, either, which is a big deal for me. BetOnline's mobile site should be fleshed out to include more casino and skill games. Right now, it exists only for sports bettors, which is nice but prevents a good chunk of their customers from participating in mobile services. It would also be nice if BetOnline would include a live chat feature. Live chat for customer service is becoming the norm, and it's disappointing not to be able to use it to contact BetOnline's customer support department.

A final complaint — their video poker collection. Betsoft games are top-notch, except their video poker offerings. Maybe BetOnline could use a different software designer for their video poker titles; otherwise, their lineup looks stuck in the s. This varies depending on the payout method you choose.

Some payments take a matter of hours; others require weeks in transit. BetOnline doesn't go into too many specifics about this bonus.

You have to be a member to get the details. If you are a slots fan, or a fan of placing sports bets online or on a mobile device, you'll be pleased with the services available from BetOnline. The site has been running for more than a decade, and they have a good reputation among online gamblers. Though the Panama gaming license is something to be concerned about, so far there are no serious complaints about BetOnline's business practices.

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