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Martiny and other policymakers will work on bringing additional sports betting bills to the table in , especially with Mississippi sportsbooks starting to take in wagering action. Rules for charitable gambling in Louisiana mirror those found in other American states. That said, state legislators are currently at recess, but two potential sports wagering legalization bills are actively being considered, and these could be voted on as early as January Yes, there are 4 major land based casinos, tribal casinos and riverboat casinos. First government run casino opened by Governor Louis Billouart de Kerrlerec. What Forms of Gambling Are Currently Legal?

Playing Poker Online in Louisiana

State and Federal Laws to Deal with in Louisiana

While sports betting is not specifically mentioned in these laws, we can assume from the definition of online gambling that it encompasses betting on sports.

While the law prohibits the use of online gambling sites, it is ultimately up to Louisiana residents to decide if they want to use an online, offshore sportsbook. While the Louisiana Revised Statutes has a specific section set aside for laws about gambling via computer, there are no laws that specifically mention sports betting.

The majority of states in the nation either lack sports betting laws completely or just recently started to enact legislation. Even so, due to the strict laws against any type of internet gambling in Louisiana, we do not advise that residents place sports bets without taking note of the law.

Louisiana is one of the few states that has passed legislation that prevents the use of online gambling sites. Which means you could go to jail for online sports betting in Louisiana. There is no legal Louisiana sports betting available to residents. One of our preferred online sportsbooks is that of Bovada. Bovada provides their players with one of the most exciting sets of odds, as there are huge payouts associated with all of their lines. They have a number of different options how you can bet, including straight wagers, parlays, the spread, the total score, pleasers, teasers and more.

If you decide to join up with Bovada, you will also see such advantages as the ability to partake in their live, in-game betting. They are one of the most fluidly designed sportsbooks, offering straight access to their bets with very few problems to speak of. BetOnline is perhaps the best of the sports betting sites for professional bettors, as they generally offer higher limits on all bets.

This is not to say that amateur bettors cannot have fun with their service, because this is not true - you will find that their deposit bonus is for bettors of every experience level. With these options at your disposal, BetOnline is one of the easiest gaming centers to access. BetOnline is one of the few gambling sites that offer recreational bettors a specific advantage - mostly bonuses - which is why it is not a terrible location for all players.

Yes, there are several federal laws that impact Louisiana sports betting. That's how brutal the conference is. Of the three Louisiana teams covered above, which one actually has the best chance of winning a lot this year? In many respects, we can rule LSU out. Not out of a bowl game or even a winning season that looks something like , but out of playoff contention. They're close, but they're not there yet.

They have a few more pieces of the puzzle. But what about the New Orleans Saints? With Drew Brees and a high-powered offense, they're really looking good for running away with their division. In fact, we predict that they will go , easily win their division, and hold down the 3 seed in the NFC playoffs. However, we predict that this won't be enough.

They're going to run into either Green Bay or Seattle eventually, and both of these teams are simply on another level and will most likely beat the Saints. So, we predict the Divisional round of the playoffs is as far as the Saints go. Good, but not great. That, of course, leaves the New Orleans Pelicans. They're our pick for the Louisiana team that's going to do the best this year. The kid is already a superstar, and he's only going to get better. The Spurs in the West are also getting older, and the Clippers seem to be dysfunctional.

That leaves the Rockets and the Warriors to really challenge the Pelicans. We really see the Pelicans coming to life this season, behind Anthony Davis. Of course, these are just our predictions. As sports fans, we keep up with the goings-on in these leagues, and we certainly have our favorites. But that doesn't mean you should just blindly throw your money down. Make sure you do your own research. Keep up with the sports.

Look at injuries and stats and momentum. Make informed decisions when you bet, and doing so will put you in a position to win. We also offer a section on which sportsbooks offer same day payouts. Fast paying sites are becoming more prevalent in the industry thanks to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

This opinion, actually written by two lawyers working together, states in plain language what games are legal and what games are not. In some ways, Louisiana gambling law does gamblers a lot of favors. The access to multiple commercial and tribal casino venues alone makes a move to Louisiana worth considering for gambling fans. Why the prohibition against online gambling? Other US states are increasing access to Web-based betting. Still, an active lottery system, an ever-expanding casino industry, and ample opportunities for parimutuel betting is worth a thumbs-up.

We just wish that Louisiana would get into the online gambling game rather than ban it outright. Legal in casinos only. The Legal Status of Gambling in Louisiana. Is Online Gambling Legal in Louisiana? No one has ever been prosecuted under the provision against gambling by computer. But never have they charged someone for placing an illegal Web-based wager.

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Gambling banned in all of Louisiana except New Orleans.