Browns open offseason with NFL-worst odds to win Super Bowl 53

This year it looks as if the Giants are headed for no better than an season. This was much bigger than the score of a football game. So at this point they will just draft best available after Ross was a bust last year so far, they wont go WR again and instead draft an explosive inside LB. Count up the bodies!!! Another battle is brewing, with revenue, escrow payments and the Olympics among the top issues expected to be on the table. What I Learned


Giants offensive coordinator search: 5 potential candidates

The Jets, who were not particularly good last season, managed to win five games. New York has managed just one winning season — head coach Todd Bowles led the Jets to a mark in his first season in — in the last six years. After the first season, he went and was almost fired.

Is he going to tank in just to ensure his team gets the No. Jets owner Woody Johnson and general manager Mike Maccagnan began their purge earlier this year. A seven-time Pro Bowler, Mangold missed four games in midseason last year. He returned, and then re-injured his ankle before being placed on injured reserve in December.

Along with Mangold, cornerback Darrelle Revis, also a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, was released by the Jets just a few days later. Recognized as one of the best corners in the game, Revis started 15 games last season. However he is on the downside of a very strong career. Then, in early June the Jets announced that they would be releasing veteran linebacker David Harris and would be attempting to trade wide receiver Eric Decker. He became a starter as a rookie and was key part of the Jets defense over the last decade.

Harris was picked up by the New England Patriots and Decker, who was eventually released, signed with the Tennessee Titans recently. The idea for Johnson and Maccagnan is to move towards youth. The Jets have, in their opinion, shed guys who are at or past their peak in an effort to rebuild the roster.

What does that mean? They could also become a key player in the draft. New York could take a page from the Cleveland playbook and acquire more draft picks to add youth to their roster. Regardless of how they do it, the Jets are aiming for one position in particular — quarterback. In each year from to , the Jets drafted a quarterback. Petty started the final four games last season. However neither he nor Hackenberg appear to be the quarterback of the future. The Jets signed year veteran Josh McCown in the offseason and he will likely be the starter heading into In the past decade, a team with one of the top three picks in the draft has not won more than seven games in a season.

Most of those teams won three games or fewer. Over the same decade, the team with the top pick in the draft has won more than two games only once. If the New York Jets are going to pack it in and give up on the season, then they are likely going to continue their futility in Can Johnson, Maccagnan, and the rest of the Jets front office wait until to win? Likely not, but it takes time to build a winner, whether you tank a season or not.

It is possible his top two tight ends, eventually, will be rookies: Hurst first round and Mark Andrews third round. The Ravens are starting from near-scratch at receiver and tight end, like an expansion team. Add to that the fact that Flacco did not participate in training camp last year herniated disc and was rebounding from a reconstructed knee in camp two years ago, and you can see why there would have been so much doubt in him, and in this rebuilt offense.

When Harbaugh called him after the Jackson pick, Harbaugh said: Flacco says the right things when me meet after practice. But this is the NFL, man.

Surprised by this [the drafting of Jackson] a little bit. Harbaugh said he and Flacco had a couple of conversations about the drafting of Jackson. This adds another dimension to us. People are seeing it out here. Sometimes Lamar will be the quarterback. Sometimes Joe will be doing something else. Sometimes Lamar will be doing something else.

A post shared by Baltimore Ravens ravens on Jul 28, at 9: If the other stuff is gonna help us win football games, then good. This is going to be a fascinating season in Baltimore. Quite a chemistry experiment. But a needed chemistry experiment. A player checking Twitter at halftime? Watching a really talented player corrupt his mind and confidence by reading all the critiques from anonymous football experts around the world.

Negative social media can ruin a player. I got into a discussion with a veteran Ravens player at camp Thursday, just talking. He told me in passing how he advised the guys in his position group to avoid two things during the season: Twitter and Pro Football Focus.

Not that he hated either one. And the more a player obsessed about what some PFF grader thought of his play, the more he might not listen to his own coach as closely as he should.

He and quarterback Mitch Trubisky agreed to go Twitter-free this season. I got one of those apps where you can measure how much time you spend looking at your phone. How you played, comparing yourself to others, whatever. Send to peterkingfmia gmail. The play was called Gun trey left, open buster star motion, X follow Y slant.

What made it so impressive: It was not part of the original play Eagles offensive game plan that they installed before leaving for the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. The coaches added it to the game plan five days before the big game. We worked that play in a bunch of different varieties, but never that specific play with that specific motion against that coverage.

I mean, when I think back, what I learned is that this was the culmination of all the work the coaches put in studying the Patriots and what might work in certain situations in the game. They were going to double me, and what that did at times was clear other guys to make plays.

On this one, they were going to double me again … until our back, Corey Clement , ran out of the backfield. When he motioned all the way out, the safety, Duron Harmon , had to run with Corey and it was one-on-one for me and Devin McCourty. When that happened, Nick knew where he was going. But studying the play, I learned what a great job Nick did too. Nick had to avoid the first window throw because [Patriot rusher] Kyle Van Noy was jumping up in the air. I was the second window throw.

The throw was perfect. I caught the ball, took three-and-a-half steps, dove into the end zone. Game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. And I would have been double-covered, I guess the way their defensive coordinator wanted the play to go.

Once Harmon left to go after Corey, I knew the ball was coming to me. Obviously Bill Walsh is up there, but in this day and age, Bill Belichick is the gold standard.

But we love our coach, Doug Pederson. Guys really, really love playing for him, as you can tell when we take the field every Sunday. But beating the Patriots really makes the play and the result just so cool. Running Philly Special in the Super Bowl. Man, it was great. Those coaches last year were rolling, trusting themselves, trusting us. I think every owner has a voice and will have to decide what they want to do.

We wear pink on the field. No issues with that. My agent, Bob LaMonte, told me that a long time ago. Three years is a career. Ten years is a lifetime. The Ravens are in the last five seasons, with just one playoff appearance. Brings to mind this story: Prior to his first draft in , Dimitroff was poised to take Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan in the first round.

But Dimitroff has survived, and flourished, by surrounding his quarterback with a mix of a good young defense and talented offensive weapons. Sean Payton and Doug Pederson played golf in the offseason and were looking to make a wager. They tied on 1, tied on 2, and Payton put his ball in the water on three. Pederson won the bet. Pederson chose green for the game in the Superdome. So the Saints, who wear black for the majority of home games, will wear white shirts that day.

This is crazy to me: Mike Scioscia has been manager of the Angels 10 weeks longer than Bill Belichick has coached the Patriots. Weep for Sports Journalism Dept.: After the tackle market was overhauled Friday with the rich new deals given Taylor Lewan of Tennessee and Jake Matthews of Atlanta, I asked Pro Football Focus where the three highest-paid tackles ranked in PFF grading for the past three years, and what these deals might mean for the market.

Among the top rated tackles between and , Joe Thomas one retired, and the next four have multiple years left before they can hit the adjusted market:. Staley turns 34 in August. Armstead and Smith are 27, so Armstead, of this list, would seem to have the best chance of getting another contract with some prime years left. For more smart takes on football analytics, consider a PFF Elite subscription , which gives you access to performance metrics the pros use.

We all ordered, and I asked for an order of onion rings for the table. So the food came, all but the onion rings, and we commenced eating, figuring the rings would be out soon. Well, midway through eating, no rings. Am I the only one who finds that perplexing? I mean, would we want them for dessert? So they came, better late than never I suppose, and we laughed about it most of the way to Latrobe.

The Jets announced they will have new uniforms for the season. The new uniform will be unveiled next April. Presumably, Sam Darnold will be under contract by then to wear one.

Tough scene at Panthers camp: Tackle Daryl Williams crying out in pain after going down with what looked like a right knee injury. The worst part of NFL training camp has begun: We'd be considered more kindly as a civilization if we sent the plague instead.

Chiefs going from Alex Smith to Patrick Mahomes is like riding a petting zoo pony and then getting on a wild stallion.

I think I have yet to hear of a compromise over the anthem issue that might bridge the gap between players and owners.

I think judging football players on July 30, before most hitting and tackling is happening, is always fraught with danger. But I must say I understand the hype machine that is Pat Mahomes after watching plays like this … 57 yards in the air, absolutely on target to Tyreek Hill —and without any stress:.

Mahomes throws a great deep ball so effortlessly pic. I think this Aaron Donald holdout could last into September. Every year, he and his staff of smart football people tell me a thousand things about football that can only be seen by digging under the surface. Thanks to them for the book and the education, which includes these nuggets and a great one about the Pittsburgh D:.

The links to buy: I think the best news of the week for voracious football fans—of the Green Bay persuasion, particularly—is that Bob McGinn Football will return for a second year. The oft-irreverent, always-brutally honest reporting of the best NFL beat man of my lifetime will continue at the site Bob and son Charlie founded in after Bob retired from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Please support this great venture. Last week, he wrote that he expects an invisible punter, Corey Bojorquez , to supplant Ryan Allen. He said he thinks running back Mike Gillislee will be traded. I think sometimes Pete Carroll says 58 words when seven would do. The other day, asked about contract holdout Earl Thomas , Carroll said: We always expect him to be here.

If Thomas makes 10 starts in , Seattle gets the third. If he makes any less, Seattle gets a fourth. I think , eventually and before the Labor Day weekend final cutdown, the Jets will do the smart thing. But that is only if Sam Darnold is competent in camp, and Josh McCown stays healthy through the summer.

Story of the Week: This is really important. Great job by Crouse. Crouse gives you a window into what Franklin, and fellow swimmer Allison Schmitt, are facing.

Studies show that chronically disrupting this rhythm — by eating late meals or nibbling on midnight snacks, for example — could be a recipe for weight gain and metabolic trouble. Friday night, walking into my hotel in Princeton, N. Just as I walked into the room, Twins reliever Matt Belisle threw his second pitch of the 10th, a fastball thigh high over the middle of the plate, and Betts hit it over the Green Monster.

An Evening With Jon Dorenbos. Yoenis Cespedes, out for eight to 10 months after surgery on both heels, injuries that previously were undiagnosed. Seems like the Mets might want to employ a homework-doer in their personnel department.

Interesting Jack Fisher trivia: Very nice touch by the Latrobe, Pa. Freshies, an American Pale Ale that was just perfect and refreshing on a hot Philly afternoon.

Some of you have asked for a way to bookmark this column. This is a good link: The Roquan Smith holdout with the Chicago Bears enters week three with no end in sight. I hope we get at least a couple of series of Lamar Jackson. Tom Brady turns Pats celebrate with sugarless, egg-less, gluten-free carrot cake, avocado ice cream and recyclable forks, spoons and paper party hats.

For the first time ever, the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies will happen without all its living gold-jacketers at the Hall. Terrell Owens, boycotting the show, will have his own event where he went to college UT-Chattanooga at 3 p.

Start with drafting well. Then try signing your franchise QB rather than making ridiculous contract demands. Nice of you to post that tidbit about Payton and his golf course wager. Peter, I appreciate how you have continued essentially the same format here that you have always used.

One thing I find myself wondering about: That blurb about Dak Prescott should make anyone reconsider the value of that Football Outsider Almanac.

What has been inconsistent for him so far is his supporting cast: In all three segments, Prescott showed excellent but slow decision making, terrific athleticism, and a good arm…but he also had very flawed mechanics so he would usually choose the right target, but his ball placement would be all over the place and is still learning to deal with a pass rush, sometimes rushing before the pass rush really approaches.

Thanks Peter for your always interesting Coffeenerdness and Beernerdness segments. They harken back to the old days and are always fresh and refreshing.

I have always thought you should alwsy think about adding a Steaknerdess or Burgernerdness segment too. Tough year for prognosticating IMO except for the Patriots.