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Here we can see that Andy Murray is the clear favourite, with odds of just 1. The French Open is played between May and June each year on a clay court and has been around since ! From there, the winner of the next point will go to 'advantage'. By keeping a detailed record of your tennis betting, you will be able to conduct regular reviews of your overall performance. The two competitions can be thought of as being a bit like the World Cup of tennis. How We Evaluate Sites

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In the article you are reading now I cover the most common ways to bet a tennis match, the best website for in-play tennis betting, and touch on the role of Asian countries and Asian players on the sport. The betting markets between online bookies vary. At sites such as DafaBet, which I cover in more detail later in this article, it is possible to bet far more ways than other sites. They offer in-play betting on each individual point, and have many other markets.

In this section, I first start by covering the options that are common to most internet bookies. The above are the most common ways tennis is bet, but there are other markets too. I cover some but not all of these in my next section which covers the best site for betting tennis matches while they are live-in play.

As mentioned in the introduction, our continent hosts some the biggest tournaments in tennis. Dubai has a Premier 5 too. As far as top players, we have plenty of great ones that have won big tournaments and obtained fairly high rankings, but Asians as a whole trail other areas of the world for this.

He has won 9 titles and was runner up at the US Open being the only Asian player to ever make the finals of a Grand Slam. He reached 4 in the ATP world rankings 2 March Her highest singles ranking obtained was For singles play her highest career ranking was While it can be difficult to predict the winner of a tournament, the payouts can be good if you win. In tennis anything can happen. Money line bets are straight-up bets on who will win the match.

They do not mean that bets of that size are required. Futures bets for tennis can be fun, and often very predictable. Many also offer futures on how many Grand Slam tournaments different players will win. If you follow tennis closely, some futures bets can offer good value. Consider a few things before placing your bets. Parlay bets are bets where multiple players are picked to win their matches, and combined onto a single betting ticket.

Instead of betting on them individually, they can be put onto a single ticket, where much better odds can be had. The downside to a parlay is that every player on the ticket must win their match, otherwise the entire bet is lost.

Parlays are a great way to increase your odds on heavy favorites, without risking too much money. For smart parlay bets, keep them down to just players, and consider adding one small underdog to a ticket. This will make a significant difference on your parlay odds, and only give you one match to pray for.

Most online sportsbooks offer prop bets for big matches, like Grand Slam events , Davis Cup , and other high profile tournaments such as the World Tour Masters.

Common tennis props include:. We rank the top tennis bookmakers based on a number of factors. These include juice, betting options, tournaments offered, and more. All standard tennis betting options.

Plenty of simple deposit methods. All typical tennis betting options, plus lots of prop bets as well. Nice live betting selection. Plenty of simple deposit options. Excellent customer support staff. In tennis betting, handicappers need to know which types of statistics to pay attention to. Unlike team sports where small weaknesses can be absorbed by strengths in other areas, small weaknesses in tennis can easily be the difference between a win or a loss.

Most players have a particular surface they do best on. There are 4 surfaces most commonly used in tennis; clay, grass, indoor and hard court. Grass courts are the fastest surface, creating quick points that benefit big servers and the top returners. Grass courts are generally slippery, making it difficult to get to the ball quickly.

This creates more winners for those who place the ball well and hit hard. One exception to this is Wimbledon , where the court is much harder and slower than most grass courts. The ball bounces higher here than most grass courts, so the players who typically have an advantage on grass courts have much less of an advantage here. The Australian Open and U.