Heavy betting on Manny Pacquiao as Floyd Mayweather showdown nears

Password Must be at least 6 characters and contain a number and an uppercase and lowercase letter. Like I said I see it being close, and like I said, the nod always go to the champ in close fights. Success Thank you for signing up! Not only do we have the biggest boxing match in decades, the Kentucky Derby is today, which is a widely bet event as well. After the fight's announcement, Mayweather emerged as a betting favorite , with a 2. Pacquiao vs Mayweather I (2015)

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Best Bets

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If you believe the fight will end at some point before the midpoint of the 10 th round, you should take the under. As we get closer to the match, the major books have all released multiple totals bets that you can take. Along those same lines, the bookmakers also have an option for whether or not the fight will go the distance. All you have to do is decide if you believe both fighters will make it all the way through to the last bell.

Nobody is expecting a KO in this match. These wagers require you to bet on not just the winner, but also on the method of victory. All three of the main betting sites also have full round-by-round betting options.

In these wagers, you can bet on both the winner and the exact round in which the win is achieved. The payouts for these are significantly higher due to you having to get both the winner and the round correct. If picking the exact round is too specific for your tastes, you can head over to William Hill for grouped rounds.

Grouped rounds are set up so that you pick the winner Floyd or Manny and rounds , rounds , rounds or rounds A few bookmakers will be hosting live, in-play betting for this event. It will be worth every penny of the disturbed sleep schedule.

Your bookmaker will switch over to live betting mode and you can place short-term wagers as the time progresses. Odds will be update in real time based on the pace of the fight. So, for example, you could decide to switch sides and place a bet during the second round at updated odds. Your bookmaker will be constantly updating the odds and offering new wagers as the fight goes on.

There are five well-known fighters that both boxers have faced in the past at different times. ESPN has a thorough write-up on the details of each fight with great insight from all five past opponents. Marquez, Hatton and Mosley are all leaning towards Mayweather to take the victory. Tired of reading word analyses that tell you nothing more than how Mayweather has a great defense and Pacquiao has a great offense?

It definitely makes the fight more interesting and will give you more to watch for on fight night. You can read it here. Boxing fandom has always included a sizable betting contingent, with major boxing events generating massive betting handle.

At least one Vegas sportsbook owner is ready to make the Super Bowl comparison. There might just be some value in simply bucking the trend. Mayweather started out at around The further down his odds go, the worse he looks as an underdog play.

This whole section is now old news. See the big update at the top of the post. The fight is official. Just last week this fight was starting to look likely to happen. Earlier today, things took a turn for the worse. As soon as we get rid of him, we can get it on. Add more favorite teams from the list below based on your geolocation.

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