NASCAR at Las Vegas 2018: Odds, fantasy advice, prediction, sleepers, drivers to watch

William Byron — Finished 37th: A two tire stop was required between segments. Brad Keselowski ran into the lapped car of Austin Dillon while leading, cutting down his tire. Jimmie Johnson won the pole. Atlanta Motor Speedway 2017 Results – Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

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There is no doubt the repave needs to happen at some point. This is especially the case just by looking at the track. The asphalt is patched up all over the 1. However, I have to agree with drivers who say the bumps and bruises the track has acquired make for great racing. However, sometimes change can be good. One of my favorite things to watch are tracks that get a little bumpy over time.

I like watching the cars bounce a little and drivers having to work to keep their cars straight. On the other hand, it is also fun to watch cars on a freshly paved course set new speed records.

A nice smooth race track means that drivers have more grip and speed records get broken. The track is also way more aesthetically pleasing.

For starters, you lose the old school feel of the track. When you see Atlanta on TV, the track just screams history. Hopefully he sticks around, but I will always have a place for Hendrick in my heart.

I really like Ryan Blaney. I could see myself buying into him as a driver once Kahne moves on from the series. I feel Blaney needs a little more killer instinct and will to be great though. I love this track. All the photo finishes. An underrated moment for a Jimmie fan I think it was Jimmie was running around 10th and was losing a lot of points to Carl and puts on a late caution and drives all the way up to 2nd and carl looks at the scoreboard in his post race and couldn't believe Jimmie finished right behind him lol.

The Hooters One of the greatest championship battles which underbird Alan Kulwicki came out on top. Also Richard Petty's final race and Jeff Gordons first. As an Edwards fan, for me, it has to be the '05 race where Edwards beat Johnson by a few feet after getting a run coming off of turn 4 on the last lap.

Watching that replay still makes me smile. That was the day I truly became an Edwards fan. Such an awesome way to win his first race. One of my favorite races ever. An absolutely fantastic race the whole way through, I highly recommend watching it on YouTube. Got to see Tony win in my second race ever. Last 10 laps in , one of my favorite racing moments ever.

I remember coming home from my first day of school to watch the end because it got postponed to a Tuesday. You get double the drive time! Double the drive time is double the experience! Drive faster speeds in the Checkered Flag Experience. The Checkered Flag experience is guaranteed to be an thrill like no other! For the racing enthusiast! Take it to Victory Lane as you drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for 5 8 minute timed racing sessions all back to back with pit stops in between working on driving faster speeds every session.

And in between each 8 minute racing session pull into the pits for a brief pit stop, then head back out on the track for another round of driving.