The 15-month turmoil of the Wales international once seen as a genuine rival to Taulupe Faletau

Zara Phillips marries Mike Tindall in the Edinburgh sunshine. Sorry, no headlines or news topics were found. Otherwise, skin complications may ensue. Coach Dirk Koetter said wide receiver would be the hardest of all the cuts to make because of improved depth. Post navigation

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Hawaiian-born Sandy Pflueger, as she was then, was part of the US dressage team at the Los Angeles Olympics and went on to help coach the US team alongside her husband. Her mother, Linda, ran a hunter and jumper stable for 25 years. During his year-marriage to the Princess Royal, with whom he has two children, Zara and Peter, Capt Phillips fathered another daughter, Felicity, as the result of an affair with Heather Tonkin, an art teacher in New Zealand. Felicity Tonkin, now an equine vet, was born in but Capt Phillips was only confirmed as her father in following a DNA test during a paternity suit.

Capt Phillips met both of his wives through equestrianism. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Sunday 16 September But the Echo, backed by an artificial intelligence platform named Alexa, is much more than just another Bluetooth speaker. Originally, the device also included a remote control with a microphone, but recent Echo shipments have lacked the accessory.

Simply plug in the speaker, download and open the Amazon Alexa app, and follow its prompts. For instance, my Amazon Echo can access music and Kindle e-books I bought years ago — more on that later.

Once it hears the wake word, the Echo will interpret whatever follows as a command. The second key option for the Echo is enabling a wake sound. This confirmation tone is played after the speaker hears the wake word, helping you see that the Echo is listening. Together, the light ring and wake sound serve as a warning: The Echo is almost always listening. Once it hears that term, it records the chunk of audio immediately following. These recordings are streamed over the web to Amazon, where they are instantly analyzed and turned into commands on the Echo, similar to how voice assistants from Apple, Google, and Microsoft work.

Through the Amazon Alexa app, users can see and hear a history of their commands. They can even be deleted , though you may not want to do that. The more the Echo hears, the better it gets at interpreting voice patterns and idiosyncrasies. Meet Alexa, the newest virtual personal assistant. While Apple, Google, and Microsoft use their voice assistants to lock users into their various ecosystems, Amazon has a different endgame in mind — the online retailer wants its users to subscribe to Amazon Prime and make as many of their purchases through the site as possible.

So Echo users can link the device to their Google Calendar, enabling the device to keep track of their appointments. Similarly, the Echo fetches information on local businesses using Yelp. This feature is one of the many reasons to enter your address into the Amazon Alexa app — doing so means the Echo will tailor search results to your location. Timers and alarms are managed by the device and its app, for instance.

In other words, Echo users have to deal with yet another app for organizing or losing track of their thoughts. Other platforms like Android and iOS have this capability, but they try to anticipate your commute based on your routine.