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With certain tournament wins, you will obtain new accessories such as shirts, shoes, shorts, wristbands, glasses, and tennis racquets. The four weeks of training has worn your player out. Slice forehands and backhands are excellent neutralizers to his power shots. Log In to GameFAQs

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Virtua Tennis 4

Play a Singles match and do very bad by getting C's and E's to get a challenge from King. In Career mode, play the "Defend The Prize" mini-game repeatedly. Choose one prize and stand in front of it ignore the others. Simply defend that one prize to easily win the mini-game every time and be able to increase your Volley skill as quickly as desired.

The Shame of Your Gaming Backlog. The Endless Tragedy of Digital Games. Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man Games. If you can identify their patterns early on, they won't be able to recover in time. That being said, it is your job to make sure that you are not predictable too. A premier player has the ability to switch off a gaming pattern just when you think you figured them out.

These individuals are few and far between, and can be anywhere on the leaderboard. From my experience, the leaderboard is nothing more than an indicator showing which guys have the most time to play videogames. I can support this claim by my TS ranking a few years ago. Former tennis pro Thomas Muster reached the top of his sport by doing something similar back in the mid to late 90s.

I don't mean to take anything away from the guy, he was a solid player, but his strength was on clay. Andre Agassi was not pleased with Muster's ranking, and the schedule he followed to attain it.

Play your game, and be acutely aware of what your opponent is doing offensively and defensively. Most online tennis games are short, and therefore it's difficult to change a gameplan quickly enough to where momentum swings in the opposite direction.

Adapt if you need to, and most importantly, don't give up. Communication is key to winning at doubles, but you need to keep your strategies private! If you are a highly competitive person, I would recommend finding a friend to team-up with for online doubles versus trying out random people for partners.

If you attempt the latter, then you should prepare yourself to be paired with a court-hog who attempts to get everything on your team side of the court, and doesn't have any idea to the concept of "teamwork.

Try to find someone who works well with you like a friend and learn each other's strengths and weaknesses. The more you play with the same person, the better you will interact when cross-overs are required or putting away a point that your partner set up for you. I should also add that being a sportsmanlike gamer is essential with doubles.

In otherwords, don't be a jerk and disconnect if you fall behind in the score. If you disconnect before the match ends, there is a good chance both you AND your partner will receive bad feedback on your profiles. While you may deserve it for quitting early, your partner certainly didn't! Show some courtesy and stick it out until the end of the match.

For some reason, a LOT of guys are very territorial. In other words, if two teammates chased a ball hit down the middle and they actually crossed-over into each other's previous zones, they may immediately cut back and attempt to return to their previous positions before the ball is hit back to them.

This is sometimes comical to watch, and it's a very stupid thing to do. That split second lost from planting your foot and cutting back could result in your player arriving at a ball too late and having to dive for it.

This not only saves precious microseconds, but it also eliminates any confusion as to whether or not you or your opponent should cut back. The last thing you want is to have you and your partner chase a ball, almost collide, hesitate with uncertainty, and then take off running in the same direction together - thus leaving one whole side of the court wide open!

This teamwork must also apply when one person is at the net and one is at the baseline. If the net-man lunges for a ball at the net and crosses over the center line, he should continue to cross over to the other side not cut back.

The person at the baseline should then take action to hit the ball if it gotten by the net person and then cover the other side of the baseline, or if the net person got the ball - the baseline player should be moving simultaneously to cover the other side of the court. Playing Angles from the Baseline: In my experience with online doubles, I've seen an overwhelming number of guys try to hit winners to extreme corners of the court.

While this might be a realistic tactic in real-life tennis, it's not nearly as effective in Virtua Tennis 3. I would recommend the following strategy which has proven quite effective for me: In the opening service game, observe your opponents and how they interact to various shots. Often times, there will be one player who is overly anxious and not trusting of his partner and he'll spring for the ball. If one of the two players makes a move for a ball hit between them, he may dive.

This will likely give you a few options to win the point. Hitting overhead smashes that get returned is extremely frustrating, especially if you hit consecutive smashes and they continue to get returned with defensive lobs. Aside from the obvious of hitting a smash where no one is, it is sometimes best to hit down the middle if you really don't have a clear area to place the ball.

Additionally, a very effective overhead smash can be executed if you pull back on the analog stick and power up your smash. This will cause the ball to bounce short in the opposing court, but extremely high and likely over the heads of your opponents. Don't feel obligated to play one up and one back i. Instead, play to your character's strengths. If you have Fererro and your teammate has Nalbandian, you both should play back so that you can use your strengths to your advantage note: Fererro should have the deuce side, Nalbandian the ad-side.

A poor volleyer like James Blake has no business being at the net, and can actually become a liability to the team if he continues to play there. That being said, if your opponent has Blake at the net, I would suggest trying to drill some powerful groundstrokes right at him.

You may get him to float a few up in the air that you can smash, or, he could volley a few back too deep resulting in unforced errors. Keep a look out for four tactics a lot of guys do in online doubles: Some guys stand wide and try to hit a slow, well-angled ball out wide that really forces you off the court to get it sometimes causing you to dive. Slow slice the ball back cross-court, or lob the ball deep-cross court to allow yourself time to get back some decent court position.

Always be on the lookout for drop shots, and make mental notes for who on the other team hits them. If you chase down a drop shot, follow my singles advice: You'd probably be surprised how many guys hit a drop shot, and hang back to watch it. Don't hang back and hope that it's a winner! Someone on your team should always run in behind a drop shot to cover any sort of weak return.

The other person should stay back just in case a lob gets over them. If you are on the receiving end of a drop shot where your opponent runs in behind it, try to lob over their head at the last possible moment so that they are right at the net and down the line. They are just looking to be the victim of a drop shot! If you do hit one, hit it to the center of the court and not down the line if they are covering that area. That being said, an effective drop shot could result if you are inside the baseline and at one side of the court.

You can drop the ball at a tight angle cross-court which might surprise your opponents! Guys who serve down the middle really can't hide their intentions due to the limitations of the VT3. Most if not all guys will move their player who's serving to the center of the baseline. This is a clear indication that they will be aiming their serve right down the pipe.

Be aware of this! This isn't particularly common, but it happens enough to where I should mention it. Be acutely aware of your opponent's service motions. Don't simply assume that every serve coming your way will be a regular one especially on clay. Some guys like to throw in drop serves from time to time.

If you see one, be prepared: Playing against guys who stand on or near the service line: Unlike TS2 where you were prohibited from passing "no-man's land" before the service line, VT3 allows a service returner full access to the court with no boundaries. My opponent started to stand on the service line and attempted to chip and charge from that area of the court. Max out your serve meter when serving. Push forward on the stick i. This will add depth to your serve which may make returning your serve more difficult.

If your opponent is too close to the service line, his player may touch the serve before its initial bounce, which is a violation of tennis rules, and will earn you a "free point. Move your serve around. Don't always aim it wide. Aim it towards the center of the service box to jam your opponent, or, down the center line. So many people anticipate serves being hit out wide, that a serve down the pipe may cause them to react late resulting in a dive. Serving down the line also cuts down their chances of hitting a good angled return.

If your opponent does in fact get the ball back over the net and into play, it will likely be weak enough allowing you time to power-up for a crushing groundstroke or deceptive lob! Playing against guys who have the capability to induce lag: Unlike the decreased frame rate in the Top Spin games, with VT3, balls actually freeze in mid-air for a second, sometimes resetting position, thus allowing my opponents a "second chance. Checking on the origin of these gamers, I wasn't too surprised with what happened since many others have shared similar stories.

My advice to those of you who play gamers who induce lag is to report them to Microsoft. I reported the gamers in question to Microsoft. Crap like this is precisely why I stopped playing Top Spin 1 and 2. Playing guys who attempt to replicate the "death drop shot" from Top Spin 1: This is not a very common practice in singles, but moreso in doubles since players have more time to prepare for it.

What players do is position themselves just behind the baseline and anticipate an incoming shot to where if they pull back on the stick, they will hit a ball that skips the top of the net and dribbles over. If you start to see some balls landing shorter than normal, be prepared as your opponents may be setting up for this really cheesy tactic. In my limited experience playing doubles online, I had come across two guys who could do this almost with regularity. It was really quite pathetic!

Handle these shots as you would a drop shot see Section H. Playing against guys who disconnect: In singles, it is pretty easy to figure out when guys disconnect, however in doubles, it's either one opponent or the other. If you are tired of doubles teams that quit, quickly hit the Xbox button on your controller and view where the last two guys are that you played.

Sometimes but not all the time , you can figure out who the punk is that keeps disconnecting. Leave them appropriate feedback. If it is YOUR partner who's disconnecting, I would recommend that you instant message your opponents with an apology for your partner's disconnecting. Doing so may preserve your feedback rating. J - Xbox Live! This added controller vibration as a default, and prohibits King and Duke from being used in ranked matches.

My opinion is that the server should have been re-set too since so many of the "top players" achieved their rankings by using King and Duke. How do I find King , and are there any tricks to beating him?

In order to unlock King, you must first choose the Tournament option in the main menu. From there, you must win the five rounds you are presented with, and more or less earn an average "C" rating. If you scorch your competition and earn an "A" rating, he may not appear. Conversely, if you score below a "C" especially in the fifth game , he may not appear as well. If you are looking for an easy way of beating him, I've come up with the following method that so far seems fail-proof: Choose a pro or your custom player that has powerful groundstrokes.

A strong serve is irrelevant for this challenge. As soon as you serve, cover the LEFT sideline and power up for a ripping cross-court shot. These tactics worked for several levels of King. I haven't tried any further, but this sure would be a cheap way of getting to a maxed out King if it continues to work.

I should also mention that if you run into trouble for some reason which you shouldn't , you can always pause the game before you lose the match against King, and select "Retry" from the menu options.

How do I find Duke , and are there any tricks to beating him? Unlocking Duke is similar to unlocking King. Duke can be found in the Tournament mode, and depending on your results during the five rounds, Duke may appear for a sixth round. Contrary to what I did to unlock King, I wasn't too focused on getting "C" averages for my first four rounds. In the fifth round, I played a conservative game, won my match, and Duke appeared.

I would advise you not to keep leveling up King first because it will only make it more difficult to unlock Duke when you finally play him.. At Level 3 though, he definitely does. For the first two points of the game, he will return your serves down the line.

For this, follow my strategy for King outlined above. For the next set of points points 3 and 4 , Duke will return your serve cross-court. Prior to your serving during points 3 and 4, move out about three steps to the singles lines so that you will have enough time to get to the corners to rip a down the line counter-shot. For points 5 and 6 if needed , he will revert back to his service return down the line.

I didn't have the King vs Duke encounter as I had hoped. To gain access to the SPT Championship doubles match, you must first win ever single tournament the game has to offer, both singles and doubles, and at least one King of Players event. Your doubles partner will be the player you've spent the most time with over the course of your season, so consider this if you are early on in your career. My partner for the SPT Final was Andy Roddick - and his serve, despite being hit at maximum velocity throughout the match, was of no advantage to us.

That being said, I would recommend pairing up with someone like Taylor Dent. Not only is he great at the net, but he also has a very effective overhead smash. Both of these attributes are essential to beating King and Duke. A few things about playing in the SPT Final: When Duke lines up on the center line as King serves, never hit the ball cross court. Always slice the ball down the line and start your point from there. The net-man will almost always put the ball away. Using the right trigger, indicate that you want your CPU-controlled partner to be the net man.

He will better serve the team being up and you being back at the baseline. If you or your partner pops the ball over King and Duke's head either by a floating volley or a dive-and-lob, rush the net as quickly as possible. Some of those unintended lobs do end up as winners, but if they can be returned, they will likely be very weak. Take the opportunity to charge up a powerful and well-angled volley to the open court for a winner. Sometimes pulling back on the analog stick and to the side of the court works exceptionally well if either of your opponents are out of position.

When King and Duke are serving from the standard formation one man at the net facing you while the other is back serving on the opposite side , slice the ball cross-court, and PREPARE for an ultra-sharp angled shot right back at you, but landing very short and coming in very fast. You almost have to be off the court and off the screen to the right right around the service line. If you can get there in time, and able to power up a return cross-court slice shot, the server will then hit your ball back to your partner who's at the net.

Your partner should be able to volley a clean winner between the other players. This isn't a guaranteed free point, but it works fairly well from time-to-time so it might be worth trying out. As soon as the match starts and you are about to serve, quickly move to the middle of the service side you are on note: Observe whether or not King or Duke moves across the baseline in response to your new positioning. If he doesn't, that's good. Try blasting a big serve down the center "T".

Sometimes it will float long, sometimes it can be smashed while in the air, BUT - be warned: If you try this tactic, do so as soon as the screen starts up to show that you are ready to serve. Then, you'll be playing a "game" with them - where you'll have to figure out through trial and error how far you can sneak over without the service returner moving too.

After your first point concludes, and the screen refreshes to show that you are serving from the ad-court side, you must move quickly again before your opponent A. You won't need to do this for any points that follow because you will automatically be positioned where you last served from on a given side.

How do I perform a drop serve? As soon as your player's animation begins to hit the drop serve, press up on the analog stick just enough so that it puts the ball over the net. Failure to do so will have it dumped into the bottom of the net on your side of the court. How do I create a player who is listed as a "big server?

From the feedback I've received so far, a lot of people have ended up with "all around" players as their first custom players, but for their second tour through World Mode, would like to have a player with a bona-fide "weapon. There needs to be separation in level totals to distinguish your custom player's key ability. The more separation, the more likely that designation will stick for the remainder of your player's training in World Mode.

L - Game Glitches Date of glitch: What is the deal with tennis games and invisible player glitches? My partner Andy Roddick had a pre-game cut scene where he expressed his excitement to be my teammate, yet Andy wasn't actually shown.

It was just the arena's background with his text written at the bottom.. When the match was about to begin, only our racquets were visible see actual image below. The entire tournament had to be played under these conditions. Thankfully, I won the event on my first try despite this strange visual glitch. After the tournament, I tried a training exercise to see if the game would self-correct. It didn't, and I was left no choice but to reboot the Xbox Unlike the similar glitch found in Top Spin 2, this invisibility problem does not self-correct after a match or tournament concludes.

You must reboot your console in order for the problem to be corrected. In my situation, the invisibility glitch took place twice at this tournament.

I initially rebooted when I first saw the problem, and before the match started. That unfortunately did not correct the problem, because when I re-entered the tournament again after re-booting, the same thing happened. I rebooted the system and directly entered a regular training exercise. The visuals then returned to normal.

I am speculating that the problem was somehow linked to this particular doubles event, but I don't know for sure. Same invisibility glitch, but this time at the "King of Players" singles event. A complete reboot of my Xbox resolved this problem. It will ask you if you wish to save the data by overwriting, or canceling this option. This pop-up window may appear even if you do have the game set to "auto-save" as it did for me. There is no logical reason why this pop-up menu should even appear, especially when auto-save is set up in the options menu.

Being an advocate of the Top Spin series for a few years now, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Virtua Tennis 3 other than the knowledge that previous installments were built to offer a more arcade-like tennis experience.

I enjoyed the game for what it was at the time. While some of my expectations of Virtua Tennis 3 were on par with what the game actually delivered, there were also some elements that I didn't particularly care for.

The developers of VT3 seemed to be on the fence as to whether they wanted it to be a simulation, or an arcade-type game. As a result, the game doesn't necessarily perform extraordinarily well as either. The court renderings and animations are top notch, as are the player models from a distance.

VT3's graphics are a step or two above what Top Spin 2 had offered, and I think most gamers would come to expect that since this game came out a year and a half into the Xbox 's life cycle. Animations are smooth, and VT3 does a good job in mimicking the nuances of each pro-player offered.

If the characters were all generic but exhibited pro-players' forms, I'd be able to accurately identify more than half of them. That being said, Henman and Grosjean abuse the drop shot in VT3, which is quite unlike their true selves. My only two complaints regarding the graphics were closeups of players during conversation mode and the animation of player clothing during action sequences. I've spoken to many gamers about the "conversation mode" with pro-players and everyone seems to agree: With regard to the clothing, I found it immediately obvious that shortcuts were taken when animating clothing.

Only the end fringes of shorts, shirts, or skirts are animated - nothing else. The graphics are the best yet for a tennis game. The sound is adequate, but certainly not exceptional.

The ball's sound effects are what I would expect, though my primary complaint is drawn towards the "virtual spectators. One of the primary complaints I had with Top Spin 2 was the lack of an enthusiastic crowd not to mention empty seats. VT3 has a better crowd attendance, however, their reactions are pre-canned and not very believable. If a player dives or hits a power shot, you will always prompt an "oohhhhh" from the crowd at the very same volume and pitch.

Applause is polite but not very enthusiastic. I would really like to see a developer step up and make the crowd a much bigger part of the gaming experience. It's the crowd that has the ability to get a player pumped up after a big point, or, create a sense of concern with eerie stillness when a fan-favorite is in trouble.

The music is decent and not too distracting. It blends into the background of the gaming experience which is what good gaming music should do. Player control is tight and responsive with exception to boss matches where some weird things tend to happen.

Shot selection is limited to top spin, lob, and slice. Two buttons are assigned for slicing the ball. I would have liked to see two buttons being utilized for lobbing; one for offensive lobbing, and one for defensive lobbing. Drop shots are attainable with good preparation from the baseline and mid-court positions, however drop volleys are not possible when at the net.

The same service meter is used for both first and second serves, however, the slice serve does not show any overt benefits. Furthermore, it is nearly indistinguishable aside from pure speed from a regular hard serve if both are hit with the same level of power.

One aspect of player control that I particularly like has to do with momentum. If your player is running full speed in one direction, he must stop, plant his outside foot to cut back, and then begin running in the opposite direction. This is a huge improvement over other tennis games where players could turn on a dime with no loss in momentum or speed. There aren't as many options in VT3 as there were in TS2, however, the game controls are about right. Gameplay mechanics are different than the TS series, but with experience, proper movement becomes second nature, and the propensity to dive may decrease a little bit as well.

Aside from the diving issue, my only real complaint with controls is the fact that in some instances during Boss matches, controls sometimes become less responsive at the most inconvenient times. Offline career mode is pretty lengthy, and will take most gamers around hours to reach 1 in World Mode. That being said, there are some issues involving specific Academy challenges. The difficulty levels at both the Advanced and Expert Academy levels are tremendous, with a few challenges e.

It was my impression that the Academy option was put in place so that it would provide a training experience somewhere between specific challenges and player-versus practices. The Academy starts off that way, but becomes tremendously difficult for the sake of just being difficult. The Academy should be there to provide practical exercises, not set unrealistic goals or scenarios that no pro-player on this planet would want to faced with. There are numerous tournaments throughout the game, all of which are generically titled.

This is a let down, but does not necessarily detract much from the overall game. The reward system is a nice alternative to the money system the Top Spin series' use, and a little bit of humor is injected into VT3 with the frying pan and acoustic guitar being unlockable items.

One of the primary complaints from established gaming critics has to do with the advancement in pro-player difficulty as your ranking improves. I have to say that I agree. James Blake shouldn't be a walkover in a level tournament but a force to be reckoned with when your ranking approaches It's one thing to have advanced Artificial Intelligence that increases difficulty, but it's another thing to incorporate cheesy A. The Boss modes do not provide any entertainment factor to the game, nor does your beating them earn you Achievement Points which they should.

The ranking system is a bit flawed if you arrive at the 2 position and win an opening round match at a Grand Slam. Your ranking may drop to 3 or 4, only for it to reset at 2 if you win the title. This of course, is because a KoP win is needed to secure 1. Online playability with VT3 is what hurts this game most. Unlike Top Spin 2, lag issues with VT3 can be detrimental. This is especially frustrating when playing individuals who intentionally induce lag. I am not sure what can be done with this, however, in Top Spin 2, frame rate drops at least allowed for a reasonably more consistent level of gameplay than VT3.

Another issue I have with online gameplay is the inability to customize what type of match you are looking for. All too often during the first six months of the game's release, gamers have chosen to use King or Duke as their player of choice. There's nothing wrong with that, however, if I want to play my custom guy against someone else's, I could be in and out of matches for a considerable amount of time trying to find someone who uses a custom player of their own.

My final gripe with VT3 gaming over Xbox Live has to do with the fact that you can't check your opponent's connection quality before accepting a match challenge. If you live in the U. While my above complaints with VT3 multiplayer mode are first to come to mind, I must acknowledge the online doubles as being a HUGE asset to the game. I had criticized both Top Spin 1 and 2 for not incorporating online doubles play that allows remote users to team up and challenge others.

Also, kudos should be given for allowing online tournaments to be set up with ease as well. Remote doubles competition for four gamers - Finally!! Inability to check opponent's connection speed can create problems, limited options when trying to search out specific match types, lag can be detrimental to gamers. Virtua Tennis 3 kept me busy for a while, but reached the point where it got on my nerves with bogus gameplay from the bosses namely Duke in the SPT Singles Final , and the expert level academy exercises which offer no benefit in accomplishing other than Achievement Points.

What I don't want is for a game to intentionally "dummy down" my character when facing a boss, or, to incorporate "C. It is an unrealistic element of pro tennis to the degree that's experienced in the game and should not have been a part of VT3. That makes no sense to me. This was a colossal mistake on behalf of the developers of Virtua Tennis 3. Of course, in the women's tour mode, diving does not exist.

That being said, the majority of those buying VT3 will be competing with the male players, not the females. One final thing about VT3 that I don't like is the speed of the game. The players are too fast - and often times get to what would normally be an out of reach ball.

The purpose of this was to extend rallies during matches, but in my opinion, it actually hurts the game. The game is definitely offense oriented, and favors the service returner considerably. The speed of the game needs to be re-evaluated and toned down a bit to offer a more realistic and more satisfying experience. Despite the great player animations, online doubles with four remote users, and lengthy career mode, I found it very difficult for me to overlook the aforementioned problems, and therefore I cannot rate this game any higher than a 6.

For sim-tennis, look to the Top Spin series. N - Top Spin 2 vs Virtua Tennis 3. VT3's player animations are very, very good - so good in fact that a few of the pro players' movements are dead-on. Both games have pretty precise controlling, though VT3 slips a bit during Boss matches. I liked TS2's career system quite a bit, and VT3's originality made it a good change of pace. The majority of people who buy this game will be casual tennis fans at best.

VT3 had the potential to score much better here. I should also mention that there is not much a person can do to be cheesy in VT3 when online; with respect to exploiting reality flaws in the game. There are certainly ways to be cheesy, just not as much as with TS2. TS2 had generic players and pro players. VT3 just has pro players at various degrees of difficulty. Both would benefit from featuring "legends" of the game. TS2 made the final Achievement Award too easy to obtain. VT3 made a few of their's almost impossible for most gamers.

TS2 had a few real-life venues. TS2 had better shot selection, but VT3 has more realistic movement i. TS2 had a number of reality flaws that plagued the game, moreso online. VT3 is just not a sim-game at all. The sheer speed and diving of players found in VT3 is too much to overlook. TS2's fun factor should be slightly higher than a 7, however, the online portion of the game has been ruined by cheesy gamers who exploit reality flaws in the game, and who tamper with their connectivity during matches.

VT3's career mode can get very frustrating when playing bosses, and the lack of a decent sized roster and real-life equipment makes this sort of feel like a generic experience.

Sure, VT3 is better eye candy, and some fun moments, but it falls a step or two behind TS2. To me, the only thing that makes VT3 appealing is the online doubles, and even with that, the lag is too common an occurrence to fully enjoy. Better straight-up tennis when playing with the right people i.

No online doubles mode, no online tournaments. Ease in which online gamers can exploit reality flaws online. O - Suggestions for Improvement to VT3. There is virtually no customization options to make a unique player. This also appears to be the 1 complaint by most every other VT3 gamer too.

Custom players should also be more competitive against the in-game pros. You could watch an entire season of real life tennis and maybe see a handful of players dive all year, typically at Wimbledon, and almost always when they are at the net NOT the baseline! In a single game of VT3 first to three games format , you can see it happen up to a dozen times.

It should be toned down a bit to perhaps the speed of World Tour around the ranking range. This also applies to online gaming as well. All to often, a sure-fire winner ends up being returned thanks to absurd player speed and recovery. I know this is arcade tennis, but c'mon! If an opponent hits an average ground stroke, and I am at the net with a capable player, I should be able to put a volley away with ease. The effects of VT3 lag are more detrimental than other online tennis games.

Especially when you have online players i. Gamers should be able to see the connection quality of their potential opponents prior to inviting or accepting challenges. Gamers should be able to have more options to aid in their search for specific match-types. In other words, a custom player-only mode, a pro-player no boss mode, etc. Three buttons are used in VT3: I would have liked to see either "B" or "X" allow for either a flat groundstroke or perhaps a different kind of lob.

For instance, "Y" could be an offensive lob usable when your player was in good position, or "X" for a high defensive lob if your player is on the run.

I've said this before in my TS Guides: Too much emphasis is placed on the service return which in most cases, dictates the outcome of a point. A service return in VT3 can be overly powerful and consistently so. Sure, the opposing team should get the win, but only the disconnecting person should earn a loss. P - Reality Flaws in VT3. That being said, there are a few issues that need to be corrected: Tennis players don't dive at the baseline.

Furthermore, you certainly will never see that happen repeatedly in real life. If a player is to dive, it is typically on grass and at the net. Just about every gamer I've spoken with has complained about this issue.

Quite simply, the diving has got to stop. This is nearly impossible to pull off once, let alone regularly. All too often will a player at the net float back an easily returnable volley, when it should have been a forceful winning shot. Bowling Clothes Clear the Avalanche minigame on all modes. Karate Clothes Clear the Block Buster minigame on all levels. Mariachi Clothes Clear the Count Mania minigame on all levels using a male player.

Pajamas Clear the Pirate Wars minigame on all levels. Pirate Costume Clear the Pot Shot minigame on all levels. Sheriff Uniform Clear the Meat Defender minigame on all levels. Skeleton Clothes Clear the Shopping Dash minigame on all levels. Superhero Costume Clear the Zoo Feeder minigame on all levels.