Basketball: Tips for getting past defender?

Whats is varsity basketball? Tru but I still probably won''''t get as much playin time I can''''t believe it he puts a 4th grader n more than I go in n I''''m only in 7th grade wow it makes me not wanna play basketball wen I get over most of the time I don''''t get in sometimes he puts me in n takes me out right away or if I''''m lucky enough ill get a minute of playing time ugh wish equal timing exist!!! At 6 feet and 13, I would think that you would be important to your team just because you can rebound - and you say you play good defense I try and I try but no matter what, I still suck. While doing this drill you have to keep your hands up like you are on defense. Report Abuse

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Hey I'm an 8th grader at Reeltown High School and I'm playing for the varsity and sometimes i start but i wwould like to be better than and i am and i think that you tips will make me be a better player. Keep on trying harder and harder you'll be better push yourself to your limit.

Thanks for the tips, Hopefully i can put them into play the next time im on the court. This we'll improve me in my skills and get the attention of my coach thanks for the tips. I am in 9th grade and these tips will help my coach notice me and i'll make the team, thanks!!!!. Hi I trying to make a high school team called new rochelle. Last year I wasn't so good at being a team player I didn't listeen or pay attention I was making the team look bad and my coach was so dissapointed I want to be on the team this year but I don't know ifthe coach will pick me what do you think I should do.

Hi Derek, I would do everything provided in the tips above and work on your skills. You can check out tips and drills to work on your skills at this link: Hi bball player, I would talk to the coach before practice and tell him that you recognized what you did last year was wrong and that you want to be a better TEAM player. Tell him that you'll do whatever you can to contribue to help the team win. Ask him what you think your role could be to make the team.

If he tells you, make sure to do those things to the best of your ability. If he knows you care, it'll help tremendously. Also, do everything mentioned in the tips above. Keep working on your skills and maintain a positive attitude no matter what. If you don't make the team, keep a positive attitude and work hard in everything you do. You'll surely come ahead in the most important game called LIFE. Thanks for the tips. I'm in my senior year and have only played b-ball for a half a season as a junior.

I worked hard all summer at camps and at home and now I feel that I'm good enough to contribute to the team, the only thing that I lack is game experience. I was frustrated at one of our latest games when I was benched through the entire game. I didn't let the coach know how I felt and tried not to look dissappointed, even though she put in some girls whom I know that I'm more skilled than.

Hi Jane, First of all, I must state that it's very difficult to jump into a program as a junior and get playing time as a senior. Very few players can pull this off. I would talk to the coach. State that you would really like to play and you were wondering what you could do to get playing time.

Do not compare yourself to other players. Only concentrate on what you can do better. Now, if the coach tells you that you may not get playing time, you should realize that players who do not play during the game can still make a big impact by getting the other players prepared for their games during practice. Also, get to practice early and stay late. Work on things that coach tells you that you need to improve on.

Study the plays, study the defenses. Be prepared as possible. I used this tips and im getting more playing time and the coach says Im the teams best player.

Ronny, It's impossible to guess why he's not playing you. Coaches can have all kinds of reasons. The only thing you can do is ask your coach What do I need to do to get better? The coach will appreciate your good attitude and proactive approach.

Go take the coaches advice and work your butt off. That's all you can do. Don't stop communicating with your coach. I know it's frustrating I've been there. But your future is in your own hands and you can't blame the coach.

I'm sure with some hard work and a positive attitude you'll succeed!. I am a freshman in high school and I start varsity because of these tips and I understand how people feel when they don't get the attention they deserve. Just follow these tips and the coach will notice you trust me. Youve got 4 years to to play. You're taking playing time away from upperclassmen Do you think that's fair If they are equal players? So sick of freshman I coukd puke. Ok, first off that's really rude!

She has most likely worked her ass of to start as a freshman on the varsity team! Who should get more playing time if both are equally skilled, someone who has a good attitude and gives it their all on the court, or someone who has a bad attitude and is obsessed over who gets more playing time.

We all were freshman at one point and I can still remember saying, "So sick of upperclassmen I could puke," but of course I spelled 'could' right. On my football team i was our starter at linebacker, even though my back is a much better athlete than i am.

The most important things that you can do to get more playing in any sport time are to always go your hardest because this one of the first things your coach will look at. Next, be a smart player. By this i mean always know what is going on around you and make decisions that will benefiet the team. A coach would rather have a player who can get you 13 points every gane than someone who will get 30 one night then 5 the next.

I am in the eighth grade, and I just made the ninth grade basketball team. I have never basketball before, but i am 6' 4''. I am really not that good Hi Caleb, It's great to hear you the made the team. I would like to ask you a few questions. Do you like basketball? Do you want to become good at basketball?

If no, don't worry about it. If yes, who cares if you are good or not or how tall you are. Hard work and efficient practice will increase your ability tremendously. We have many great resources on this website to help you. On the left hand menu, you can browse the "Player Tips" menu to learn how to improve your play. We have a section for players at this link as well: The last time i have played basketball on a team was when i was in third grade.

I am 12 and 5'5 and many people think i will make the team. I am not awful though i need lots more pracitce. Do u have any tips for improving in 12 days?

Hi Summer, 12 days is probably too short of a time frame to see any big improvements, but it does not mean you can not improve. I would go to the gym and work on your ball handling and shooting every day. Spend an hour working on skills. Spend an hour playing pick-up games working on your skills. We have a lot on ball handling and shooting at these two links: It could be the deciding factor on whether you make the team or not: You don't want to play all of these sports at the same time, but during the sporting season.

For example, play basketball in the winter, soccer in the spring or fall , swimming in the summer, martial arts in the fall. That way, this helps you develop into a great overall athlete which will get you much further in whatever sport you might concentrate on as you get older. If you want to make the team next year, spend some time during the offseason working on your basketball skills.

I think you could make a tremendous amount of progress by talking to a few coaches and have them help you with a long-term plan to get better. Talk to a successful high school or college coach in the area. The fact that you would ask them would make a great impression on them and be a good thing for you in the future.

Especially, if you are trying out for that same high school or college team in the future. At your age, you probably don't need to spend more than 2 or 3 times a week practicing. If you find as you get older around age 15 or 16 and you want to concentrate on basketball, spend more time playing basketball. Possibly, 4 to 6 times a week. Im in 7th grade and I have never played basketball on a team before. However, I am starting park district to learn.

I mentioned to some of my friends on the team my plan to try out for 8th next year and they told me I might not get playing time because I wasn't on the team last year.

The season just ended. Do you have any tips on how to play, get better, and try out? Kaila, Ask some coaches what you can do to make the team. Come up with a written long-term plan. Write up practice plans to get better. You should probably practice 45 min to 75 min at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you would like, you can practice more. They are plenty of tips all over this website. Take a look at some player articles here: Hi, I'd like to know how can i get moe minutes, I'l explain.

From today and last october i've come to every practice possible and even extra one on one practices. Suprisingly we have an 8 man squad and i'm 8th man. Yet alot of games i dnp period.

Nor have I scored i know that this is my first year playing team ball. But i think it's unfair that some people on the team that just don't come to practice or are not better tan meplay way more than me.

Even, when some of my teammates get in foul trouble or hurt I barely play or might even come out the next dead ball. I've gotten so aggravated that i get angry at my team and just sit on the bench hoping the game will fininsh soon.

Sometimes i wish i was never at the game. Some people tell me I should just quit but i love to play. The game is supposed to be about having fun, but what fun is it just sitting on the bench by yourself?

Stephon, I'm sorry to hear about your playing time situation. Getting mad and aggravated is only going to keep your butt on the bench. You should always maintain a positive attitude and cheer on your teammates. Talk to the coach. See if there is anything you can do to improve and help the team.

You may not get a chance this year, but there is always next year. Ask him what you can do to get some playing time next year. I want to go as far as i can with basketball but in order to do that i need to get better and get more playing time to prove myself to coaches and colleges hopefully Hi i'm in 9th grade now and have been playing basketball since 7th grade. I played decent time in 7th grade but at the end of the season i broke a finger causing me to miss all the summer camps.

When my 8th grade year started i found it difficult to catch up with my teammates and spent my entire 8th grade season on the bench. The summer after 8th grade i tore my mcl and dislocated my knee causing me to miss another summer of camps and practices. However, i managed to work hard and got decent playing time in most games but about two i got none.

I m a freshman on the jv team at Rider High School. Maybe these steps will work and ill get the for sure starting position. I have to battle for the position and the goal between us is whoever can take care of the ball better. What can i do to limit turnovers? Thanks alot on the tips this would help me get more playin in the game Long Reach High. Hi I tried out for my jv basketball team but did not make it. According to the coach i did not play hard enough but sometimes he did not really pay attention I had one good work out where i was put in with people that were already on the team or likely to make it and played good.

I was expected to make the team I want to try out for varsity next year any tips? Sean, listen to your coach. Work your butt off. So what do you do now? Ask your coach what you can do to make the team next year. Go work your butt off everyday for the next year. Get in top-notch shape. Do plenty of ball handling, footwork, and shooting every day. Find a good local trainer if you can. Brent, ask your coach. He'll let you know.

If you can't do anything this year, work your butt off during the offseason. Make every offseason workout, camp, etc. Well I've been practicing at the Y a little and its hard open gym isnt every day its 4 days out of the week and right now im just managing the team he says I mite be on the team soon but i hope he wasn't joking i run track at the moment.

I am 6"2 and considered a big man but i don't have that much weight on me i weigh pounds any tips on what i can do to increase my weight as well besides eating more or how should i eat. I am a sophmore who tried out for j. I am gonna try out for varsity next year is it necessary for me to learn plays like motion offense, a set, Duke, zone shift, offense shuffle etc while working on my game or should i just focus on working on my fundamentals and worry about that after i make the varsity team.

John - The majority of your practice should focus on skills. You should ask your coach what you should work on. Then after you work on skills, if you want to spend time learning your offense and defense that would be great. Just ask your coach what you will be running so you don't waste time learning 50 other offenses. Hi, I'm in 8th grade at my High school, and we have an 8th grade team which is separate from our JV and V teams. So last year I didn't know very much about basketball and I tried out mostly because my mom wanted me too and I soon learned that I very much enjoyed it.

I didn't make the team last year, and I wasn't exactly surprised even though they told me I was close. So this year I have been working hard and trying to practice, going to weight training, and shooting and going to the Y when I can to practice, but I feel like I still won't make the team. Sometimes I feel like I'm a complete failure and all my confidence disappears and I feel like I suck.

Most of them haven't even seen me play. I'm not really sure what I'm asking, but can you help me I guess? The only thing you can do is give your best effort, practice as much as you can, stay positive, and show perseverance don't give up. That's all anyone can ask for.

I don't know if you know who Michael Jordan is best player in the history of basketball , but he was cut as a sophomore in high school! Stay confident and try your best.

If you do that then you should feel good about yourself. And keep learning about the fundamentals of basketball. Thanks, Try outs are only about two weeks away so I've been practicing and trying to get better.

Sometimes it's hard for me to stay positive, but I convince myself to be positive in the end. Ha and Yes, I do know who Michael Jordan is. I know a lot about basketball somewhat, just not as much as how to play it well. I am a Junior in High School and last year I was "most improved" and one the "best defenders".

Tryouts for our school teams were last week and I felt like I did very well.. It is very discouraging to see some of my friends on Varsity along with Freshman who, without trying to be hurtful, could use some work on their skills. I was told the two things holding me back were consistency and quickly getting to my spot. These I have no doubt about, but I also know of people on Varsity with this problem How can I keep my confidence from breaking down as I play JV for the second year in a row?

How can I prove to them I deserve to be moved up? Is being on JV as bad as I feel it is? So I had tryouts for the freshman team today. I think did pretty good but the coaches were pointing out my mistakes and no one else's , or it seems like that.

I want to know Is there away to see if you made the team by just the way the coach acts around you? Im am scared of my basketball game tomarrow! My team doesnt go easy on me at all and my coach screams at me when i make mistakes. My friend is mad at me now because i couldnt catch the ball when she threw it at me feet. Please someone help me!.

Im a post too and i have to be aggressive but i dont wanna hurt people and then a girl started to cuss at me after school cuz i mess up alot!. Cassie - Don't worry about mistakes. Everyone makes them and your coach is just trying to make you better. Don't let it bother you. And ignore the immature behavior of other players cussing. You just be bigger than that, ignore it, and do what is right.

Just think, the greatest players in the world make mistakes all the time. So don't worry about it: Jonelle - To be a good basketball player, you need to show perseverance. Michal Jordan was cut as a sophomore.

Just think if he would have given up. Instead he took that as a challenge. Brittany - There is no way to know you made the team and until the coach tells you. Jeff- Thank you so much! Now that you've helped me Im no scared anymore. I also had some huge games, now i am a sophomore and my 8th grade coach that cut me was promoted to jv where im playing now and i dont think he sees my full potential and im not even sure ill start the first game, any tips on what i should do please?

I stunk at my basketball game. I got 4 fouls. My second one i missed because my mom got sick. But the third one I got no fouls and my coach was proud of me for rebounding the ball. Im not scared anymore a bit nervous but not scared. Hey, I am an 8th grader on the middle school varsity bball team. I get about as much playing time or more than the person who starts over me. But the guy who starts over me is a 1 trick pony, he can only shoot the ball.

I can drive the lane, make some crazy passes that get to the posts for an easy shot, and I am an average shooter. I also play better defense than anyone on the team. I hate being the sixth man and it would mean alot if you could give me some tips on how I can start.

I know I might play more, but I truly don't feel like I am the best until I get that starting spot. LC, First of all, congratulations on making the team Let me ask you this You or the person that starts over you? You said that you are gettting as much or MORE playing time than the guy in front of you Everyone wants to start and I understand that I had some kids come into our school who didn't make their 8th grade team end up All Conference players in their senior year.

YOUR ultimate goal should be to make the high school team, so for now, be a team player and bust your butt when you are on the floor. Things have a way of working out for those who have a great work ethic. Ok thanks, it's usually me playing at the end, but ya know, I would love to be recognized as one of the best. Lc, You saying that you in the game tells me that he already knows that you ARE one of the best Keep playing hard and things have a way of working out Good luck and let us know how things are going.

I''''ve started every year when I''''ve played but this year I''''m not starting. I work really hard in and out of the gym. I haven''''t even had a chance to prove myself since I only play about 1 quarter. After games even when we win I feel teary eyed because I do t help my team.

I''''m 5''''9 the tallest on my team. The guy that took my place always jacks around and it really pisses me off. I think ive only scored about 10 points less then the guy who took my place and he gets twice as much playing time.

Any ideas how to improve not only my playing time but my skill. And some other stuff u might need to know is. I''''m a great rebounder great post player a hustler and an average free throw shooter and just regular shooter. I would really appreciate it. Bball20 - All you can do is to take care of your own game Look at the 10 tips at the beginning of this article and then ask yourself, "Am I doing these things?

I can tell you that as a varsity coach there were a few things that opened my eyes to some players Those are the guys I wanted in the game at crunch time. I hope this helps. Ok thanks ken you sound like you know your stuff have a game tomorrow and I'll try to get physical on the boards and hustle.

Good luck, I hope you have a good game, and yes, I coached a "few" years LOL Remember, we learn something about this game every day Thanks I played about a quarter more today and had about ten points.

The scorekeeper said I was close to a double double. I think I played a pretty good game on defense too but the guy that's starts in front of me still plays more. Ok, a quarter more than the last game? Were you in the game at the end?

Like I said before, thats what counts. My first year as head varsity coach I brought up a sophomore point guard One day he came into my office, closed the door and sat down I didn't let him talk I said the answer to your question is that IF I start you over the other kid, we might lose him and then we wont be in any better shape than where we are right now. And I asked him this question I've played my 3rd best player off of the bench sometimes as well. Irregardless, just focus on what you can control.

You cannot control whether the coach starts you or how much the coach plays you. You can control how hard you play, never taking a play off, sprinting to areas, taking charges, diving after every loose ball, making eye contact with the coach whenever he is talking, being a good teammate and being positive don't be a Debbie downer , making plays for your teammates, taking good high-percentage shots be a shot-maker, not a shot-taker , and doing whatever you can possibly do to make the TEAM better.

Have you asked the coach what you can do to make the team better? Are you staying after practice to take extra shots? Are you cheering for your teammates when you're not in the game? Are you being constructive with your teammates to help them out? I was on the bench with about 2 min to go when I came out I gave him a little eye like wtf are u doing and he didn't put me back in. Also idk if I should talk to him about my playing time and ask him about that stuff because we only have a couple more games.

And also thank u guys u have been a huge help. Do yourself a favor, keep a good attitude, work hard, play hard and try to have some fun. Don't worry about your playing time I don't have a clue as to what is going through the coaches mind or what the situation is. Coaches do a lot of things by the seat of their pants, a gut feeling.

Maybe they are trying to play more people, whatever I hate that word lol Just take care of what you have control over and thats how you play in practice and in games and most of all, your attitude which is more important that anything.

Good luck the rest of the way and have some fun. Hey I''m a Junior in our highschool program. We have a small school and team with about 27 people on the roster. We have 7 seniors and 5 juniors. All 7 seniors are on varsity, and only 1 junior is on varsity.

The rest of us juniors "play" in JV. In practice, I hustle my ass off, and yesterday I almost broke my arm by jumping up and tipping a fastbreak pass while backpedaling. And I''m not in anyway a bad player, I don''t think I get the credit I deserve.

But today in our JV game, I didn''t play a single second. We had freshmen and sophomores playing the whole game, and only one junior played. I am very frustrated as this has happened for the past 3 nows. I always have a positive attitude, I am a good teammate, but yet I get no playing time. I''ve talked to my coach and asked how to get better and I have improved in the area he recommended but I am getting worse playing time than the past 2 years even.

What else can I do to get more playing time? I''m getting very frustrated and I''m on the edge of leaving the team. Junior, Take the time to read all of the posts above here and the replies from Joe, Jeff and myself.

I used to give out handouts at the beginning of every practice and the first one every year was this: You might ask your coach why you didn't get any playing time in the JV game Are there any other areas I need to improve on?

Evaluate your own game and ask yourself - what do these other guys have or do that I am not doing??? Keep working hard in practice, make sure that he notices you Those are all the little things that will catch a coaches eye. Be patient with yourself and keep working hard. Some times when you least expect it, your time will come. Hey Guys, I'm on my varsity basketball team.

I tried out as a freshman and got in. Now I'm a sophomore. I don't get any playing time and sometimes I wonder why I'm even on the team. I tried out because I wanted to get better at basketball but I feel like my coach doesn't take me seriously. I try to maintain a positive attitude but it's so hard because I want to play so badly. I know I suck badly but I want a chance to prove myself. I'm too ashamed to talk to my coach because I feel like she only picked me because of my height.

I feel as if I am a disappointment because I'm not living up to my height, no pun intended. I try and I try but no matter what, I still suck. A freshman gets more playing time than me and I know why. She's good and has been playing for a much longer time. I want to be like that, I want to play that well. Please, I want help. I want to become better so that I can have more playing time.

Screw the playing time, I just want to get better. Maybe If I get better, the playing time will follow. You answered this yourself.

Work hard in practice, focus on each and evey drill and do your best to improve each and every day. We had several players that weren't very good as freshman and sophomores who went on to become very good varsity players. I don't know what the future holds for you Make a list of all the things you need to improve upon With your size, there is one thing that you can do to get his attention Don't worry about what others can or cannot do, be the best player that you can be.

Good luck, stay positive and have FUN. Why would the coach take a chance with a kid with playing weaknesses -even for 1 minute - and even when up by Maybe so that you don't end up with a varsity team with only 5 players who've got floor experience. Erik - High school basketball is lot different than YOUTH basketball but please judge every coach the same way - or every program High school varsity basketball is a about winning Not in my book and a lot of other coaches I know.

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I am in grade 9 and we are doing a basketball unit The unit involves making 4 teams within our class and everyone on the team taking turns coaching, reffing, playing, etc. I am a good basketball player but unfortunately the gym teacher put the bad kids on my team to even out the teams. Any coaching tips for me to Any coaching tips for me to use? It can be plays, defensive setups, drills, etc.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? All good coaches have whistles! I say be a good leader encourage them when youre in the game hog the ball to secure your supremecy even if your not that type of player. Tell them to run a zone so they dont get lost on man to man. And for offense just tell them to take shots close to the basket. Maybe if youre team is not a bunch of idiots just give them some tips like rebounding.

Be a Bill Russel like player be a good player and coach. Shooting- First, make sure they have the proper shooting technique.. Run the mikein drill [time them 30 seconds and see how many low post shots they can get switching off from left to right]. That not only helps with low post shots, but also layups.

You can always have them practice layups too. A team that can't shoot layups will go nowhere. Then, just practice jump shots from everywhere on the court.