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This results in a handicap of about 20 on a course of standard difficulty, which translates to a score in the 90s. For further information, please contact customer service at or write to Sports Illustrated Customer Service Attention: Jenny Haglund View Player Profile. Target container is not valid. Sponsored Headlines

Thursday Sep 6 - Sunday Sep 9, 2018

PGA of America Championships

But if you made every golfer play by the rules i. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. I play twice a weekend if possible sat and sun but no weekdays unfort and shoot low 80s. I am currenty a 6. Id guess I'd still qualifiy as a weekend golfer. I putt everything out and take stroke and distance penalties. Id love to get some more time in to improve my short game. Have you always played just twice a week? So in someways im not a 'weekend golfer" but in another way, I really am.

I guess it just goes to show how these seemingless straight forward definatiosn we use can sometimes point to different scenarios. This is an interesting discussion because it brings to mind something Tom Kite once said. Which was that he couldn't understand how golfers playing only on weekends could break I think the range is a pretty realistic.

I also think there is too much emphasis on a score here in the states. Watching the Scots play their four ball matches in 3 hours or less accompanied by their dogs I think I got a glimpse of what golf can be. While trying to get better is part of the charm of the game, I think we sometimes lose some pleasure trying to match "TV" golf and measure our performance against the best in the world.

I try to remember that the fun isn't in just shooting a good score, it's being outside in a beautiful place, busting the chops of my friends and getting busted and generally having a great ol' time.

And some of the best rounds I've had are when the score really didn't matter. I played at a very high level nationally in canada as a junior and even tho i still have some game, its pretty well impossible for me to consistently break 80 with weekend play only. I just dont have the time or practice facilities here in NYC to hone my touch around the greens and from yards and in. Now using them sucessfully isnt really the point, hope that makes sense.

It might not reflect in my immediate score or it might even make it worse im think about trying to be more agreesive wit hmy wedge play. But atleast getting over that hump and using it on the course seems enjoyable to me.

I guess in NA we're just plain screwed lol Cheers. Posted April 25, On Sundays I work as the morning starter at a local course so I get to see first hand the game of the average weekend golfer. Really in truly its pretty ugly. Only about half of them even get it airborn. Posted April 26, Going to try and practice all next week then see how the week end goes.

But im usaly good for 2 birdies and four or five pars. Posted April 28, Maybe his home course is Pine Valley? Samantha Wagner View Player Profile. Carlie Carr View Player Profile. Karen Chung View Player Profile. Kendall Dye View Player Profile. Shannon Fish View Player Profile. Chorphaka Jaengkit View Player Profile. Linnea Strom View Player Profile. Jordan Britt View Player Profile.

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