Who Are Syracuse’s All-Time NBA Draft Value Picks

When you spend 18 seasons at the top of your profession, that screams value. Notably, the Nets have worked out a slew of prospects who could fit at this pick. The year-old prospect faces positional and defensive questions, but he was one of the most productive players in college basketball last season. While he does have big games where he can meet his numbers, he is too inconsistent of a draft pick. NBA Mock Draft: Second-round picks

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Sir Charles In Charge

The reason I have him listed in this space today is largely related to matchup. Caldwell-Pope is a jack-of-all-trades type that is capable of getting you a handful of points in just about every statistical area on the board. The key to his upside is scoring.

Ennis has emerged as a strong scorer for a Grizzlies team hurting for depth on the wing right now. He's gotten a huge opportunity with both Chandler Parsons and Tony Allen sidelined with injuries, and he's played well enough to cement his place in the rotation even after both of those players return. Memphis has lacked quality shooting during the Grit-n-Grind era. They signed Parsons to a max deal in an attempt to fortify that spot, though Ennis has done an excellent job spacing the floor, as well.

Minnesota's Andrew Wiggins has all the makings of a shutdown defender later in his career, but he's not quite there yet. There aren't many players in this price range with the role Ennis has these days, so take advantage while you can. Much like the Nuggets do with Jusuf Nurkic and Nikola Jokic, the Wolves like to start two center types at the big man spots.

Dieng and Karl-Anthony Towns have worked excellently alongside one another in the past, and it's looked like an even more potent duo in the early going this season. Dieng has been particularly effective from a fantasy perspective as he's put up averages of 13 points, Teams have a way of forgetting about Dieng offensively as they focus on stopping the likes of Towns, Wiggins and Zach LaVine, and he's been happy to make them pay to this point.

His rebounding and shot-blocking help give him a pretty high floor for a player of his price. This one is primarily a FanDuel play considering the stark price differential between the sites. He's far more affordable than he is on DK, where his price has made quite the leap over the last couple of days.

Even so, he's been an excellent per-minute performer to this point. The other two top tier guys to look at are Curry and Harden. Curry is a great pick but where he seems to lack in compared to Lebron is in Rebounds. Lebron brings such great Fantasy Value since he can hit big numbers in rebounds, assists, and points. Curry gets assists, but is more limited to points and assists.

He comes at a slightly cheaper price though, so on the right night, he be the value pick if he can exceed his price more than Lebron can.

Harden is the clear dog out of these three. While he does have big games where he can meet his numbers, he is too inconsistent of a draft pick. With a price on par with Curry and James, I would pass on Harden. Now we can move down to mid-tier guys. This tier is dominated by Hawks players: Horford , Teague, and Millsap. Horford scored modestly this weekend after being ejected and only playing 19 minutes.

Even in a full game, I am hesitant with Horford. Similar things can be seen with Teague and Millsap. In game-play it is a positive team attribute to have a deep lineups of players who can all contribute but in Fantasy draft contests, that only leads to water down the value of your draft picks.

Dwight Howard is still listed as questionable but after playing 33 minutes last game, I think he is a safe pick.