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Our founder, a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars who puts family and country first, has gone so far as to recommended to our franchise owners that they keep certain issues of common sports magazines out of the waiting area to maintain an environment where parents will be comfortable bringing their children.

I use Amazon affiliate links when appropriate. Home Meet Elsewhere Collaborate Contact. Live Travel Eat Play. Wives, I present to you the Sport Clips stylist. You only have to say one word back to him: Joseph, MO Area — St. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews.

Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Pros Great owners whom put there stylists first priority and came in to see us very regularly.

Cons Tips paid with card get added to your paycheck. Advice to Management Keep up the incredible work. Join the Sport Clips team. See Our Latest Jobs. Pros The company cares about my success. Cons Takes all of my time. Advice to Management Be there to help. Pros good compensation, flexible hours, fast-paced environment. Advice to Management Create a more structured plan for management training. Pros Fair pay and great opportunity to move into management. Cons I dont have any to share.

Pros Genuine people to work for, good money, busy, great team members. Pros Flexible work hours, laid back, very competitive pay, fun place to work. Cons Really busy store but make awesome money. Cons 11 extra people to shop for Christmas because I love my team so much. Advice to Management The culture is amazing in the store keep it up. Mandatory uniforms that don't allow the skin to breathe they never keep it cool enough in the store , cookie-cutter mentality of following the same sales pitch and routine word for word EVERY client which virtually eliminated the whole personal client-to-stylist relationship, even though they require you get requests somehow , not getting more than 30 hours a week which is all contingent upon selling product something out of our control , bi-weekly Saturday mandatory "pep" rallies where the manager would call out on the carpet everyone who breathed wrong that week As far as ever getting sick, forget missing work unless you can find a replacement , which is virtually impossible.

The stylists are also expected to do about 20 closing duties with no help from any insiders, such as receptionists. It would look like a hair bomb had gone off on some busy nights.

Mandatory marketing using your own vehicle in simpler terms Stylists are skilled at doing hair, not marketing Mandatory attendance during your off hours at community events Workers who have a run-in with another team member say, for example, someone just does not like you and acts rudely and another team member reports to upper management on your behalf because of the bad behavior , BOTH stylists get a write up and put on probation over it.

However, this had to remain confidential at explicit manager's orders. Or else we would be written up. Having to split time between three understaffed stores Most stores close at 8 or 9 depending on location, however, they require you take haircuts 5 minutes past closing time.

They do tell you this company is not for everyone once you are hired and have you by the shorthairs However, within 30 days, they also can let you go at a moment's notice if they think you don't fit their standards somehow. I lucked out and passed but the stress alone sent me packing a few months later. It may be all in the management. The store I was hired at was where all these things I listed above occured.

The other stores I helped out in were wonderful. Yet when I put in a request for a transfer, they denied it, saying I had to earn it, producing great numbers and product sales. However, I had already done this.