2019 Super Bowl Predictions

I respect them and what they did last year, and the offseason was pretty solid, but defending is really tough, and they don't have a lot of prior playoff experience to draw on to help guide them. Foles has great teammates, great weapons and great coaches around him. Read more articles by Trevor Whenham. Is this just a little blip along the way or the first signs that defending a title isn't nearly as easy as it might seem? Who holds the record for the longest interception return in a Super Bowl? Image Summary of Printable Worksheets:

Super Bowl 2018 predictions: Expert picks for Eagles vs. Patriots

Printable Fun for FOOTBALL Parties and Sports Nights

Talk to the children about "predictions". A prediction is a fancy word for a guess about the future. Predictions can be made lots of different ways:.

An estimate is a calculated guess of the approximate amount of an item without having exact information. Divide the predictions into two separate piles based on which team was chosen to win. Spread each pile out on a separate table or pin them up on the bulletin board. Estimate how many Team 1 results and how many Team 2 results you had in your group. Foles looked great against a better defense in the NFC championship game, but it's tough to expect a repeat performance on a bigger stage away from home.

The Pats' experience gives them the edge, and their pass rush can apply enough pressure to force Foles into some mistakes. The Eagles have proven themselves capable of beating the Patriots this postseason on both sides of the ball. MVP whiffs Ranking all 51 winners. But this is Brady. It could be just as tight as the last time these teams met in the Super Bowl, but it will come with an almost identical result.

The peril of making a Super Bowl prediction, or a prediction in any game involving these Patriots, is there's a very good chance you will be percent correct for as much as 58 minutes and still wrong in the end.

In each of those cases, the opposing coaches were guilty of strategic errors that essentially involved underestimating the capability of Brady and his pals to concoct a game-changing comeback. So even if these Patriots are no longer the most impressive or lethal team, they are probably the most resilient team in the history of American sport.

My husband played for the Broncos in the s, so we're especially excited to be hosting a Super Bowl party this year. The trivia game is just what we needed to make the party more fun. What was the first wildcard team to win a Super Bowl? Who was the first left-handed quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

Which player is credited for the longest punt return in Super Bowl history? Which quarterback has the most Super Bowl starts? Which team won the first ever Super Bowl? Kansas City Chiefs B. Green Bay Packers D.

What two networks broadcasted Super Bowl I? Who performed at the halftime show? The Rolling Stones B. Which team lost the first ever Super Bowl? New York Jets D. Who holds the record for most receiving yards in a single Super Bowl game? Which starting quarterback has won a Super Bowl with two different teams? Which team has scored the most points in a Super Bowl? Tampa Bay Buccaneers B. San Francisco 49ers D.