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Only in tennis rejoined the Olympic family. Shakhtar Donetsk vs Hoffenheim: Players with a good pitch feel better on the grass courts, but when playing on clay, the importance is placed on the self-control and self-possession of the tennis players. Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions

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In live betting on tennis it is important to study the game itself when watching the broadcast, but do not forget about the pre-match scenario. So, there are tennis players who start badly, but in the second and subsequent sets they add much. Then, you need to look into the ranking. In football, for example, Sevilla can rise to the first place in the club ranking only because of the victories in the secondary League of Europe; in tennis, even a dozen wins in second-rate tournaments will not take the player that high.

Covering the court plays a big role in tennis. Even though the strongest tennis players are universal, each of them has a favourite court. Players with a good pitch feel better on the grass courts, but when playing on clay, the importance is placed on the self-control and self-possession of the tennis players.

The player will always have an outrageous motivation if he plays in his native country. Each player has uncomfortable opponents, which should also be taken into account in the analysis, but much depends on the shape of the athletes. Players can have micro-traumas, which at first glance seem inconspicuous, and at the most inopportune moment they can manifest themselves.

Be sure to check the weather during the game, usually the weaker players get the advantage in bad weather. If you are going to bet live on tennis, then carefully monitor the performance of players. The favourite in tennis does not always play to win. Also, beware of betting after the winter break, when the players have not entered their working rhythm.

Yet, at this time, often sensational results may occur. It is very useful to keep your stats on tennis betting. It always tells you your mistakes, which will allow you to correct the strategy of the game.

If you decide to bet on tennis , then concentrate on it. The biggest four competitions of the year are known as Grand Slam events and these all provide opportunities to make money out of gambling as bookies will often offer good promotions, while there will be lots of tennis betting tips out there too.

January sees the first major of the year, the Australian Open, which takes place over a fortnight in Melbourne and is played on a hard court. There is then a break until the next Grand Slam tournament, with the French Open held around late May and early June on the clay courts of Roland Garros. Following on quickly is a shift to grass courts and one of the biggest British sporting events of the year, Wimbledon, which is held every July in London, seeing sales of Pimms and strawberries go through the roof at UK supermarkets.

Fans flock to gamble on big events — the US Open is particularly popular. London then hosts the World Tour Finals in November, but of course, there are lower-level tournaments all the way throughout the year, with most weeks seeing an event taking place somewhere in the world. Online bookmakers tend to be very clever, so you need to be just as smart and stick to the tennis betting rules if you are going to be a winner when you gamble on tennis.

As in all areas of life, there are no guaranteed tennis betting system short-cuts to success in how to beat the bookies, so taking time and planning ahead is a must if your betting site accounts are to grow in the long run. Taking value is always the first place to start — but where is the value in this sport?

Here at BettingTop10, we are big believers in forging your own path and not following the crowd, so perhaps it is a good idea to stay away from backing the big names. Often their odds are too short to be worth backing them anyway, while there are often much better prices to be found on the lower-ranked tournaments. Reading a tennis betting forum is a good way to keep track.

This is where research can really count, so take time to look into the records of players on types of surfaces, in various countries like the UK or abroad, against specific opponents and at particular events to help find the best value bets. Sticking with markets on which you are comfortable is good advice for all sports and it rings true for tennis too, as does keeping a record of all your winning and losing bets so you can track performance over time and identify where you might be going wrong if you get on a bad run.

You should know have all the information you need to be successful in betting on tennis — best of luck from us here at BettingTop Tennis Betting Here at BettingTop10, we love all sorts of sports, but there is no doubting tennis is right up there with our very favourites.

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