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Probably the only way fans foresee Glover Teixeira winning against Jon Jones is by knockout. Reason being, the path to victory for Conor McGregor is to knock him out. And with Luque also likely looking to exercise his submission edge on the mat through opportunistic takedowns, then I'm willing to spend the money in hopes that he finds his finish. For Diaz, I would take Nate in round 3. Jaren Jackson is still a better fit for Dallas at 5. SBG Global Sportsbook / Live Odds have been seen on

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It may be more likely than you think. Golovkin will not want to allow the fight to go to the judges after what happened in the first fight, which may lead him to take more risks. He landed a total of just eight body punches in the first fight, possibly because he was wary of a vicious uppercut counter by Canelo. He may feel compelled to work the body this weekend and leave his chin vulnerable. The man has relied on it throughout his entire professional career, closing down his opponents by walking flat-footed through their punches.

That may all catch up to him very soon. I would avoid these props. Same goes for picking the fight to go the distance. Gennady Golovkin will be looking to put his personal stamp on his latest fight. Will Canelo vs Golovkin 2 Go the Distance? UFC and Boxing August 7, If you want to just buy some and sit on it, use Coinbase. Daily price chart Current price displays the price in the browser tab so you can just have the tab open. You might wanna try and watch the minute by minute fluctuations and buy in a dip or you might want to just take a long term view.

Some people are predicting a correction before another upswing. ICOs are share offerings in startup companies, whereby the shares are coins and the company is a crypto currency.

There are so many ICOs and the amount of money involved is stupidly high, that it does feel like a farce to me. All that is paid for in Ethereum. The people behind Bancor have to put most of that Ethereum back on the market, to actually fund their project. However, the concept of ICOs is what bothers me.

Also, if the funding is done in Ethereum, that pushes up the price of Ethereum. Overall, it just feels like a bit of a mess and assessing a rightful value for anything amongst that mess is very difficult. The term bubble gets banded about a lot. Link to the series as a whole. My two interview videos: Mike Tycoon Units Profit: I have the opportunity to elaborate on some of the points in the videos here and also to add some more stuff.

Cezar is pretty much better at everything technically and Elias is super sloppy. Sometimes I will do a writeup just to arrange the thoughts I have in my head and see if it all makes sense. I get buys per week on my picks at the moment. I am paying this dude money to tell me to bet 6 units on McMann and 5 units on Kongo, two big favourites? I would have bet them anyway. To elaborate on what I meant by picking winners sometimes being an ego thing. Basically, sometimes I feel like people get fixated with trying to pick a winner.

I had a look through the top few cappers again. Of the guys that bet props: Obviously a lot of those bets are at short odds so you have to analyse the value further but you can see that at the very least, the people who make the most profit do like betting overs a lot more than unders and have a lot higher hit rate with them too.

I asked him to tag this on the end of the second video because I think a LOT of fights are won and lost in the clinch.

If you are losing the striking, being better in the clinch is a great out. I never mentioned that going to a decision. I actually bet that Villante would win inside the distance.

The point was correct though. Even if you have two guys with high finishing rates coming in and fighting each other, I often look at the over. When you face a dangerous guy you are more cautious, even if you are a dangerous guy yourself, so sometimes they cancel each other out. They were being hard on Paige Van Zant in the Rose fight, rather than the other way around.

Not to mention mitigating circumstances for past poor performances that you will hear in the commentary. And finally… One thing I think is really important that was missed off.

Again, this is kinda like the commentary thing. Why not take in extra information? The MMA Vivisection guys… I listen to their podcast one of I listen to and they are good at breaking down the main card.

However, they talk with equal certainty about fights they clearly have not researched at all, so you have to be super careful when it comes to their undercard analysis. I only knew this because I had watched about 6 hours of tape for the fight and was betting Asker. As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, all the other guys in the series also track their bets on Bet MMA, so here are their videos.

I asked anyone on the site if they wanted to contribute their own thoughts in terms of fighters to watch this year. Response was thoroughly underwhelming but never mind! When you put effort in like this into a writeup, people appreciate that.

Follow him and buy his picks! The sky is the limit for him and he has all the time in the world to get there at only 23 years of age. He also just thrashed Smolka. Once he gets his striking to that next level he will be a feared top-level contender. He also trains with American Top Team and the sky is truly the limit for him. One of the most undervalued ranked fighters to ever grace the octagon. The guy is super well rounded and trains with killers at American Top Team.

One of his main training partners is Colby Covington as well and if that wrestling knowledge and grit rubs off in any way on Jorge it makes him an even more lethal threat. I predict he beats Cerrone pretty decisively and steals Cowboys thunder. He will be top 5 at the very least. Phenomenal striker, I hope he stays in the UFC but a match up like him vs Gunnar Nelson could be interesting to see who is more deserving to ascend. Grappler vs striker, will Gunnar be able to out power Larkin and take him to the mat?

I would love to see this matchup. Amazing grappler with ever improving takedowns and striking. His performances have been extremely dominant and in 2 fights I think we could see him easily ranked 3. He has a good fight IQ, is measured and finds ways to win. Next year he should break top 5 and maybe even fight for the belt. This is the kind of guy that could become a huge draw because of his physical attributes like an Arnold Schwarzenegger and UFC matchmaking should give him some good match ups to get to the top.

A powerful tank of a girl with lethal standup. With her power as well it makes it easy for her to outwrestle opponents and make them pay with vicious ground and pound. Waterson is an extremely skilled striker and grappler who trains with an amazing team at Jackson Wink MMA.

I see them both being top 5 or top 3 in the near future. Great wrestling, improving striking, and a big powerful heavyweight. At Heavyweight he gave Cyril Asker his first loss by KO and that dudes head is ginormous, which is usually indicative of a grant chin.

His chin is good but that shot Cannonier delivered was something else. Lethal striker with great accuracy and takedown defense. Nordine is a much stiffer striker, has fought worse competition and has had some close calls where Santiago has lost to great people and beat some killers as well. We will definitely see him ranked soon. Lethal striker with pinpoint accuracy, he was on a tear until Smolka derailed him with outstanding grappling and ground and pound in the scrambles.

That was a mistake from a young fighter but since then he has hired a mental coach and had a dominant victory over Geane Herrera who had fought the better competition out of the teo. If he fights Smolka again I would easily pick Ben to win and he should keep the fight standing or scramble to his feet.

If that fight does happen they basically swap ranks and my prophecy comes into fruition. Will was arguably winning the grappling exchanges, even with a 10 lb deficit but the pain from his rib injury proved to be too much.

All that aside he was a dominant champion in balloter and I see him busting into the rankings in the UFC real soon. Excellent technical Muay Thai striker with a decent enough ground game to defend and even maintain top pressure.

Solid submission and smart technical stand up. Room for improvement but I see him climbing the ranks and becoming a contender. Talented all round fighter who is a proven finisher.

He was a dominant champion in another organization and his debut in the Octagon was long overdue. He has looked great in his last two performances. What he lacks in striking he makes up for in powerful grappling capabilities. He shows everything a coach would want in a fighter to be able to mold them into an even more lethal weapon. Looks like a physical specimen so with the right team and coaching the sky is the limit for young Abdul.

In his last fight he showed off a bit of his striking and beat a legit UFC vet in Trevor Smith who was on a 2 fight win streak. With the right training the sky is the limit.

Another long overdue arrival into the UFC with a record of 25 and 8 only 2 of those wins going the distance and with past victories over the likes of Sam Alvey and Joe Gigliotti. He showed great grappling and submission skills against Gigliotti and should have a decent future in the UFC with some bumps along the way.

The guy is small for the heavy weight division but he still packs a punch and makes up for it with agility and slick boxing technique. Even if he loses or makes the drop to light heavyweight I see a cool career ahead of him.

He has children and other career opportunities as well. When Michael loses again he will most likely retire or only come back for super fights if the money is right. We saw his performance against Mighty Mouse, giving him one of his most difficult tests to date. Tim Elliot may never become champ but he does have all the tools and skills to become a top contender. They have put a really easy fight in front of him with Stephan Struve and Junior is deadly to anyone in the Heavyweight division.

This is a maybe and it really is dependent on the match ups they give him. All that said I think he can win one or two more depending on the matchup. I would go as far as to say that she will be the first fighter to defeat Joanna champion should she get the opportunity.

Excellent boxing mixed with strong grappling. He is going to be chasing Mayweather and that will also make him tired. The smart play is to play Mayweather to win in both the 4th-6th round and 7th-9th rounds. If you believe that Conor McGregor can win this fight, than you must play this prop. Reason being, the path to victory for Conor McGregor is to knock him out.

There is really no chance that McGregor can outbox Mayweather so the only chance he has to win the fight is to swing for the fences, which every expert in the industry agrees, and hope to connect to knock him down, and eventually out of the fight. Your email address will not be published. Top Betting Props for Mayweather vs.